Geocaching with Navicache


This container was placed here as part of a worldwide GPS Stash Hunt sport known as “Geocaching”.

The game basically involves an individual or team hiding a "cache" similar to the one you have found here. They will then post the geographical coordinates along with specific clues to its location with a Geocache Listing service on the internet. Other Geocacher's will then attempt to locate the cache using the coordinates and clues which were posted by the cache owner. Sort of like a high-tech version of “Huckle-Buckle-Beanstalk”.

The rules are quite simple; If you find the cache you take something out, and put something else in. This way there are always items for those who follow you to enjoy. Each cache should also contain a Log-book, and many will contain a single use camera, Please do not take these. You are encouraged to use the camera to take a picture of yourself and/or your group and make a dated entry in the log-book.

Please Do Not Remove This Cache From Its Current Location
Please DO NOT remove this notice from the cache container.
Please do not remove all of the contents and/or vandalize the container.
Please do not remove any single use cameras (though you are encouraged to take a picture).
Please feel free to take something, but leave something for others in return.
Please take the time to make a brief entry about your visit in the log-book (Don’t forget the date).
Please log your find by visiting so the cache owner and others will know you found it.

Please help keep our public lands clean. If you see some trash, Please pick it up!

If you did find this cache by accident and would like to learn more about Geocaching, please visit one of these web sites:

WWW.NAVICACHE.COM  (List your newly placed cache, log a found cache, Forums, Chat Center and more! )
WWW.BRILLIG.COM/GEOCACHING   (Geocaching information with the best worldwide "clickable" cache maps we've seen!)

Cache Name ____________________________________

Coordinates ______________________________________

Placed By ___________________________     Email __________________________

Notice From Cache Owner:  If this container has mistakenly been placed on private property, or in an otherwise restricted area, please contact us. We apologize, and will be happy to remove it.

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