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gpsuser Offline

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    Posted: July 24 2005,11:12 am QUOTE

This post is not in any way meant to be rude. I recently bought a Meridian Gold GPS unit and have been surfing the various forums on line looking for info on the unit.  I must say that I am not impressed at all by the complaints I am seeing.

1. Loss of basmaps on unit,with no way to correct except for sending unit in and then being charged for repairs on a unit still under warranty when all that is needed is a 10 or 15 meg. file (basemap.) Which Magellan should make available to download to all registered users. I bought such a unit (Brand new) only to get it home and have it say on startup "No basemap loaded". Where I had bought it that day had no other one in stock so I got a refund and found another store that had one and bought it there after making sure it worked properly beforehand.

2. Users being unable to insert SD card due to yellow wire blocking the slot.

3. Battery contacts being defective and in need of repair.

4. Inaccurate software products. Example the Topo Cd was designed I hear for the older 330 or something like that, yet is sold to be used with the Gold and others when it is not fully compatable or accurate? And we all know how next to impossible it is to return software once opened.

5. And an increasing number of complaints about the rudeness of Megellan support team when calling for info or help.

In conclusion, it is not like this unit just came out yesterday, and lets face it these units are not cheap and I think it is about time Megellan got with it so to speak and corrected these problems. I for one am seriously considering returning this unit and looking into a Garmin or other GPS unit with better company support and software.

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    Posted: July 24 2005,11:58 am QUOTE

To the best of my knowledge 1 (loss of basemaps) ,2 and 3 were all related and only effected a certain batch of units that went out. They were in fact fixed under warranty as I had one myself and had no problems getting the exchange.

That unit (after exchange/repair) and all of the other Meridian series I have had the pleasure of using never gave me a bit of trouble. I still consider them one of my favorites.

If you are not having trouble with yours and do not see indication of the yellow wire onched in the battery/card compartment, I doubt you will ever have problems. I would hang on to it, but of course that is entirely your decision.

Edited by PC Medic on July 24 2005,12:02 pm

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