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Topic: Garmin V New Update!, April 29th 2003< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
Quinn Offline
Caching Madman

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    Posted: May 03 2003,6:54 am QUOTE

Garmin has just posted another update for the Garmin V.

You can get this update as well as a list of others for their whole product line by going to the Garmin Download And Support Page

This is version 2.20... and here are the changes from version to version...

Changes made from version 2.08 to 2.20:

Improved auto-route calculation process when transiting from poor to good satellite reception.
Reset map zoom levels to correct a problem that was preventing areas like parks and lakes from being displayed on the map.
Corrected auto zoom behavior while navigating a TracBack route.
Corrected intermittent problem that would caused the GPS V to lockup during an off-route recalculation.
Disable 'lock on road' feature when navigating a TracBack.
Added 'units' selection for distance to the Waypoint Projection page.
Fixed auto zoom problem that was observed when doing direct gotos and manual routes.
Navigation state changes made without a fix will now be preserved between power cycles.
Improved turn-arrow display when multiple turns are in view.
Added support for adding and removing via points.
Added 'Follow Roads' support to manual routes.
Added the ability to display the next turn 'Turn Review' page by using the UP and DOWN cursor keys during autoroute navigation.
Added support for selecting interstate names found in more that one state when searching for interstate exits. ( ex. I-470 in KS or MO )
Added 'Shutdown On Arrival' to the 'Guidance' Setup Tab page.
Added EOV Hungarian Grid and South African Grid support.
Correct reported calculator page problems.
Added 'Memory Race' Game.

Changes made from version 2.07 to 2.08:

Corrected problem with the guidance setup selection for the 'Off-Route Recalculation' prompt.
Added GPS Accuracy to the list of configurable fields.
Changed map legend font size.
Improved error checking on the calculator page.

Changes made from version 2.05 to 2.07:

Added MILS angle support to compass displays.
Added 'Vertical Speed' units selection field to the 'Units' setup tab page.
Corrected problem sorting and selecting the nearest user waypoint.
Improved the 'Turn Review' page map processing to update the next turn quicker when turns are close together.
Changed distance displays where appropriate to never show fractional parts of feet or meters.
Corrected problem panning the map in portrait mode after route calculation.
Corrected problem that caused repeated or looping off route recalculations.
Made corrections to European language translations.

Changes made from version 2.04 to 2.05:

Corrected intermittent lockup with 'Lock On Road' processing.
Corrected popup screen placement that effected Italian and Spanish language selection.
Corrected lockup when moving cursor into route list before route type was determined to be manual or auto-route.
Added calculator feature to accessories menu.

Changes made from version 2.03 to 2.04:

Corrected lockup when processing routes that contained more than 20 via points.
Improved error-checking process on saved routes.
# Increased max number of via points to 100.
Corrected turn arrow operation on map page while navigating a TracBack route.
Corrected lockup on Fuel Usage page when metric units for distance & speed is selected.

Changes made from version 2.02 to 2.03:

Display 'Approaching Waypoint' message while navigating a manual point-to-point route.
Changed range threshold for altitude display when 'Meters' is the selected units. (From 1000m to 10000m).
Changed vertical speed display to use four digits.
Added to the course pointer compass on the 'Direction Finder' page, a 'To/From' flag to indicate when you have passed the destination waypoint.
Added menu option to select maps when searching for cities nearest or by name.
Display duplicate city names when searching by name.
Changed anchor drag distance on 'Alarm Setup' page to display feet or meters.
Display the current basemap name along with any supplemental map names on power up.
Added alphanumeric address number search support.
Added support for metric units on the 'Gas Mileage' page.
Added 'Recalculate' menu option to the 'Map' page.
Changed address font size to allow more text characters to be displayed and correct missing phone number bug.
Make sure 'Lock On Road' map setting is enabled while navigating auto-routes and disabled for direct goto or manual point-to-point routes.
Added NiCad and NiMH battery support.
On the 'Next Turn' page, removed extra precision when displaying distance in feet.
Improved the next turn notification when turns are close together.
Display the current baud rate when loading maps from MapSource.
Improved route transfer to and from MapSource.
Reduced off route distance threshold for City Select maps.
Increased number of route points used for auto-routes.
Added text translations for Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
Increased active track latitude and longitude storage precision.
Corrected 'Lockup' problem while navigating an auto-route in simulator mode.
General improvements to auto-route calculation processing.
Added 'Alarm Clock' setting to the 'Timers' setup tab page.
Set message to notify the user when track log is full.

Changes made from version 2.01 to 2.02:

Added 'wait cursor' map pointer.
Added additional position formats.
Added 'User Grid' position format setup page.
Make sure 'lock on road' map setting is ON for 'Fastest Time' and 'Shortest Distance' route preference and OFF for the 'Off Road' selection.
Added BlueChart marine data support.
Added diacritics support.
Added animation to the data transfer page.

"I Cache...Therefore I am!"
    Quinn Stone
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Rocky Offline
Navicache Dude

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Joined: June 2001
    Posted: May 04 2003,5:00 am QUOTE

I saw a post by a user saying that the lock on road has to be manually turned off when doing a “off road” “find”.  This was a problem with earlier firmware versions that looks like it may be back with the 2.20 update. This is a big issue for cachers unless its those cake walk, next to the road caches.  :^:
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Quinn Offline
Caching Madman

Group: Members
Posts: 1146
Joined: June 2001
    Posted: May 04 2003,7:53 am QUOTE

hmmm...I went after a cache yesterday with mine and had no problem with the off road feature, but however I did notice that in the "Games" section  there is a bug where-as it over lays the track back log and bread crumb trail over the game boards.

"I Cache...Therefore I am!"
    Quinn Stone
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hackie Offline

Group: Members
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Joined: Nov. 2003
Posted: April 22 2004,8:31 am QUOTE

Any experience with those firmware upgrades?

As we are now in April 2004, the latest upgrade for the GPS V is version 2.50
My GPS V has 2.40 and works fine, so there is no real need to do the update, but I like to be on the latest version. However, I am a little concerned about the disclaimer at Garmin's site as it mentions that it may leave your GPS device inoperable if a problem occurs during the download.
Does anyone have some experience doing those upgrades? I appreciate any information on that topic.

Grüezi from Switzerland

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Quinn Offline
Caching Madman

Group: Members
Posts: 1146
Joined: June 2001
    Posted: April 23 2004,6:32 am QUOTE

I have the "V"... the downloads are very safe to get as long as you are sure you have plenty of battery left. This is the biggest problem with people getting them. Some try getting a download and the next thing you know the battery dies in the middle of getting the data.

Check your batteries and be certain that you are good to roll and then get the download.
It shouldn't take long to do and is very simple.
i download the update right to my desktop and just grab it there, after I load it I toss it in da trash!:p

"I Cache...Therefore I am!"
    Quinn Stone
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Gimpy Offline
Cache Master

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Joined: June 2001
Posted: May 02 2004,2:04 pm QUOTE

I've rarely had any problems with firmware updates. But just in case, I keep a folder on my hard drive where I always send the update files after I've loaded them into the unit. That way, if I do load an update that turns out to be bad, I can go back & load the previous version.   :D

-Gimpy --N2GLS-
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