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Posted: Dec. 15 2001,1:18 am QUOTE

My dad once told me, "Son, never remind people of what you have done for them in the past just before asking for a favor.  Just take your hat off, tilt your head down, and be polite..."

Well, let him spin in his grave (what the ####, he could probably use the exercise).

OK, here is the deal, I setup  - Which you are seemingly visiting in droves to make maps and waypoints, etc.

Now, I've started putting the USGS Geographical Names Information System Database online.  Just go to the Map Maker, enter a name, pick a state (or search all) and get a list.  The list is hyperlinked so you can view points on Aerial and topo maps.  From the map page, you can download directly to your GPS unit (you can, of course, still add additional waypoints to the map first).

I've got about a million waypoints up now and should have the whole database available in about a week.  It takes a little time because the data is kinda crappy.  I wrote a pre-processor to look for bogus coordinates, confirm that coordinates lay within the designated USGS quad and, of course, convert to the proper map datum.

I'm doing this to kill some time while I wait for my buddies to finish testing the Netscape plug-ins (so I can get you Microsoft haters and Mac users into the direct GPS access fun) and post our photos and GPS data to the adventure databases.

OK, now the favor.  Someone submitted an Ask Elvis question on my day job's site ( about using the Waypoint Exchange with a Garmin V.  The question got passed on to me.  The asker did not put a valid email address in the submission form.  So...

I am looking for someone with a Garmin V, a Windows PC, Internet Explorer (version 4 or newer) and about 5 minutes of time.  Just use the waypoint exchange to email me some waypoints (  In the body of the message, please put the string that the GPS control reports when it locates your Garmin V.  I know, it isn't up long, but if you could give me the gyst - and the software version number, that would be great.

Please help me and I will continue to put up goodies for everyone to play with!

Thanks in advance,
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