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Rocky Offline
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    Posted: June 17 2003,9:24 pm QUOTE

This past week-end I did a very special cache, "Along the Roots of Big Bend" by Cracker7M.  Thanks for a very special caching adventure
Here is my log:
I have never been a big fan of multi-caches.  It seems I never have the time, always in a hurry to get to work or whatever. After talking with caching buddy Harv I thought I better check this one out.  My suggestion to anyone thinking about this is to find the time! There are 2 reasons; this is a well thought out and planned cache and it is Letchworth.

First Part: “The Foot of the Big Bend”
Found the parking and the start of the adventure no problem, was pleased with the nice easy walk on wide service road.  Came up with the cache in short order, the bug spray is a very thoughtful touch. I was a little confused with the GPS saying part 3 was closer than part 2, but as I hiked I could see the lay of the land, which explained why.

Second Part: “ River Walk Cache”
Man I was concerned!  Both Country Boy Gary and Harv could not find this one and had to come back a second time for it.  They are both very good and experienced cachers, I felt I could be heading for trouble. The feeling of being right next to the river with all the rain having it run high and muddy was really cool.  As I walked at the shore the picture taking and great views had me forget for a moment about the tough reputation this second leg had.  As the GPS told me it was time to turn away from the river I could see what gave those guys so much trouble.  Reception was going to be very difficult where I was heading.  I have been caching with a compass from the very beginning, I knew it was going to be very necessary if I was going to come up with this one.  While still out  325 feet and decent GPS reception I took a very careful compass reading.  If I say it took me 5 minutes to find the cache that might be a little long.  My head was so swelled that if part 5 did not humble me the way it did Mrs. Rocky might not be able to live with me.

Third Part: “The View”
I knew that I could have made a return trip for an easy approach.  I choose instead to climb the saddle, which was a little tough but no regrets.  With this approach I was at the view before the cache and got some needed rest as I took some great photos.  While signing in a Doe and fawn walked by, it was like heaven.  Part 2 a cakewalk, 3 in the bag, beautiful woods, man this is life!

Fourth Part: “Beaver View Cache”
I think for the last time I made more good decisions in choosing a route that was following contours rather than the shortest route the GPS was pointing out. Got some photos of the little beaver dam on my way in.  I often find caches by patterning the cache hider.  You gave me a little curve with the spot you choose, but I still made quick work of it.  Thinking, “ROCKY are you good!!”

Fifth Part: “Horse Shoe Pond Cache”
I think to be honest I will have to admit I got burned because I tried to shortcut.  It didn’t start out that way.  I came to the large pond and made the wrong decision about which side to walk down.  Rather than correct that I thought I would head back to my car with the last part looking like it was very near the road anyway.  I drove down the road and jumped out very close to the cache.  Not possible to get it from there!  Very close but natural obstacle blocked me out.  To make matters worse I got turned around.  As in a little lost.  Yea me Mr. found part 2 no problem.  When I got back to the car I came with a plan that had me driving down the road to make another attempt only to encounter the same problem again.  That cache was on a friggin island!  Now it’s late and I have to be to work.  I left very disappointed.  Came back after work to finally log it.

This is a fantastic cache.  Thank you for your very very thoughtful work.  I enjoyed this as much as any I have done.
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Cracker7M Offline
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    Posted: July 03 2003,1:40 pm QUOTE

Hey Rocky,
THANX for the praise!.... :D

I have to say that I have found Rocky's new Sonyea State Forest cache to be an EXCELLENT adventure....  :;):
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