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    Posted: July 05 2002,7:51 pm QUOTE

"I screamed 'STOP THE CAR! STOP THE CAR! STOP THE CAR!' and bolted out of the car. My son admonished out the window, 'Daddy, watch out. They spit.'" That's right. Markwell was face to face with ... a Geodashing guard llama.

What is Geodashing? It's flying into Tenerife in the Canary Islands for 30 hours, taking a bus to a ferry to the island where the dashpoint is found, then trying to find a rental car, moped, or a taxi driver to take you to the zero point. Try explaining Geodashing to a taxi driver who doesn't know about GPS, using a broken Spanish vocabulary that doesn't include the words satellite or random. And still reaching the spot and catching your plane out. That's Geodashing the way BOB!! plays it.

Game 12 saw hunts in seven countries, including the game's first visit to Spain and first visits to the US states of Kentucky, Missouri and Louisiana. This month saw the first "fly-by" score, as BOB!! got within scoring range of a dashpoint in the Western Sahara on a helicopter flight from Mijek to Oum Dreyga. The Russian pilot was accomodating, but probably puzzled about BOB!!'s interest in that particular spot of desert.

The game was won by team Chiri Totsu over En Dash! in the closest finish ever. Two points (less than a single dashpoint visit) separated the two teams. Trailblazers finished third, their first finish in the top three since October. Individual honors went to AquaDyne, followed by Dave Hinns, and tied for third, Bill Newman and VirtuaSpy.

Game 12 began on a cool, sunny day in Australia, where Autumn was rolling into Winter in the Dandenong ranges east of Melbourne. A sampling of the other places that dashpoint hunts took players in Game 12 include:

an assortment of agricultural fields (Christmas trees, carrots,
pistachios, corn, hay, grapes, peas, alfalfa, wheat, cotton)

a bridleway in the UK's Exmoor National Park

a "Japanese breakers yard" near the UK's Chimney Corner Pub

California's sagebrush desert

a dry riverbed in California's San Onofre State Park

a seasonal wetland in California, all that remains of Tulare lake, once one of the US's largest lakes until sucked dry by irrigation

ploughed fields and woody pastures all across the Great Plains of Canada

a Tennesee tourist trap (think Dollywood) in the shadow of Smoky Mountain National Park

a heavily wooded area near the Ponderosa Sun Club for the "garmently-challenged"

a UK hillside outside Winchcombe, very close to Sudely castle

a tree-covered hill by the stiperstones, one of Shropshire's wildest places, said to be inhabited by witches and Giants

high in the hills behind Pendle Hill, where there are no witches, as they were all hanged at Lancaster in 1612 (?)

and, a location that only a GPS game could lead you to, "the middle of nowhere a short distance from Lost Hills, California."

Sooner or later, whether it's in California, or in Illinois, or any
of a number of places, you will have the conversation Markwell had with his wife, as you stare down a "road" that is nothing but two ruts in the grass along someone's fence. You say "Let's go!" and she says "You've GOT to be kidding!" That's Geodashing.

Finally, a friendly reminder to respect private property. That
farmer who owns the land where the dashpoint fell just might get email spam all the time and now has a virus that he's going to have to go buy a program to get rid of and thinks it's all a big waste of time and "doesn't want anything to do with the Internet on my property." Geodashing blesses us with colorful characters like this, but it is his land after all. His fear of livestock diseases spread through the dirt on the boots of Geodashing players traveling here and there may be well-founded. So, always respect private property.

Scout ( )
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