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    Posted: June 04 2005,1:24 pm QUOTE

Results: Geodashing Game 47

"This was a difficult place to get in, in fact, it was literally on fire,
the whole hill where the dashpoint is, was burning."

-- That's Geodashing in Mexico with jodulo

"I've just spent the last two hours motorcycling around Wiltshire on a
fine, sunny, frosty morning heading to a dashpoint, having left at 6am.
Yellow fields of rapeseed, Sevenake Forest, bluebells and a windmill.  What
a better way to start the morning."

-- That's Geodashing in the UK with Dave Hinns

"I unloaded my ATV and crossed under a 7km coal conveyor belt.  Used up all
the gas in my powersaw cutting blowdown across my path, this is the results
of strong Chinook winds over the Rockies last winter. Tough going across
the muskegs (swamps), went past an elk (wapiti) killed by wolves last
winter, winched myself out of a creek, took another seimic line, the 6th
and last one. After 15km I parked the ATV and bushwacked the last half of a
kilometer encountering fresh wolf tracks to the coordinates which were near
a gas well site."

-- That's Geodashing in Alberta with ROCKY 1


Game 47 of Geodashing was won by "Llama League", returning to first place
after a two month absence.  Second place went to "GeoTerriers" and third
place to "Home for the Itinerant", winners in the two previous games.

Individual honors went to wisk, who treated us all to a grand dash of 1900
miles over a three day weekend.  Jack Frickey and Tom Arneson tied for

Game 47 saw 177 dashpoint hunts in 9 countries (Australia, Canada, Estonia,
France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the UK and the USA).


A sampling of waypoints visited by Geodashing players this month:

in Nevada's Mojave Desert, scored just after the midnight start to Game 47

in the middle of a Louisiana swamp

on the beachfront near Tsujido, Japan

across a one lane bridge, down an overgrown trail, in the woods of
Michigan's Upper Peninsula

in Colorado's Rampart Mountain range, near a felled tree next to the sign
stating "No Woodcutting"

near the campsites on the lake in Nebraska's Branched Oak State Recreation

300 meters offshore in Minnesota's Shell Lake

in a remote fishing lake, scorable from a peninsula that affords a westerly
view into the teeth of the Montana Rockies

on the Missouri shore of the Mississippi River, the closest approach to
which is on the Illinois shore, a long 1.29 km away, with nothing but the
river between

on the beach at New York's Lake Lila, serenaded by the sounds of
woodpeckers, wind, and the waves on the lake shore

in a Nebraska farm field, full of pink-colored soybean seeds, coated with
fertilizer and pesticide to give them a good chance of growing

in an orchard in Washington's Yakima Valley, past vineyards, hop fields,
wheat fields, and pastures with cattle, horses, and goats.

north of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, where the farmers are tilling their
fields and the trees are beginning to leaf

in a gurgling brook surrounded by blooming dogwoods over the mountains west
of Virginia's Shenandoah River

in a wildlife protection area in Wisconsin, with convenient parking, a
trail, and trilliums and wild geraniums in the height of bloom

on a small hillside in Utah, where Spring rains have led to yellow flowers
being in prolific bloom

just north of Vancouver, Washington, near Washington State University
westside campus, where the local northwest gardens are in bloom

in a residential property bordering a walking track in the leafy
northeastern suburbs of Melbourne, watched over by a llama in a nearby

in a clearing in Michigan's Hiawatha National Forest, guarded by sqawking
sandhill cranes who must have a nest nearby

ten miles up the unpaved road of California's Jawbone Canyon, guarded by
dozens of 10-12 inch long lizards

near the edge of a burned area of Oregon's Deschutes National Forest

in Germany, at the foot of a huge slag heap (200 meters high, 12 sq km
area) created from digging soft coal in the nearby Hambach open mine

in Brentwood Village, California, where houses with swimming pools and
tennis courts are the rule rather than exception

in the parking lot of a one-story, concrete building, "The Church in
Fremont" California

at Joe's Barber Shop, in western New York State

unreachable between the runways of Germany's Weeze Niederrhein airport

at the Clubhouse and Hotel of the Cottlesmore Golf and Country club, near
London's Gatwick Airport

between the #1 tee and the #9 green on the Bear Creek Golf course in
Delaware's Back Creek Golf Club

in Wooster, Ohio's Christmas Run Park, near a pond, a newly built covered
bridge and a very nice playground

just inside the fence of the farm for Ohio's Grafton Correctional Facility

unreachable on the property of the "National Nuclear Security
Administration" in Nevada

and on top of a small ridge in California, with jack rabbits on the ground
and new aircraft doing test maneuvers in the sky, the old Boron Borax Mine
in one direction and the Rocket Propulsion Laboratory in the other


In the grand tradition of mad dashes, there's this report from Wisk:

"I met up with YLO_RLR at Kramer Junction, CA and we began our trip north.
Over the next 90 hours we would travel some 1900 miles, with a total
vertical ascent of over 69,000 vertical feet.  My Tahoe would consume
nearly 150 gallons of gas while pulling a much heavier trailer loaded with
2 All Terrain Vehicles and 2 mountain bikes.  My Tahoe experienced 2 flat
tires, and I got to use my new Hi-Lift jack.  I became very proficient
backing up with a trailer and -- we successfully visited 7 dashpoints."

This month's Geodashing lessons learned the hard way:

"After hiking on trails all day for geocaches I kind of forgot that in
Geodashing there is not always an 'easy' way." -- CellarDoor Family


"The final approach was walking 140 m into knee high wheat to get within
scoring range. The field had a strong odor and north/south wheel tracks,
which lead me to believe it was recently sprayed with liquid manure.  When
I got home I hit the shower." -- Tom Arneson


Thanks to all the Geodashing players, whose many great reports are quoted
here, not always with proper attribution. Complete, original reports are
available on the Web site.


About Geodashing: Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS receivers
on a playing field that covers the entire planet. The waypoints, or
dashpoints, to be reached are randomly selected. The win goes to who can
get to the most dashpoints; that is, if you can get to them at all! Each
game has a new set of dashpoints making each game different and
unpredictable. For more information and to play, visit .

Scout ( )
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