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PC Medic Offline
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    Posted: Jan. 28 2005,4:08 pm QUOTE

As geocaching becomes more and more popular, stories like LINK REMOVED seem to be more common and it doesn't have to be.

If you are new to geocaching and especially if you are new to the use of a GPS, please be sure to familiarize yourself with how to use it before you set off into the woods.

Using a GPS is pretty simple once you get used to it and Geocaching is a fun sport to be enjoyed by the whole family, but like any other outdoor activity has its risks. Don't increase them by heading out unprepared.

Know the area and bring a map.
Know your GPS
Mark a waypoint back to your car
Dress appropriately
Bring plenty of water
Bring a cell phone (just in case)

Hopefully this unfortunate experience has not soured these girls on geocaching and they will give it another try once they are more prepared.

Edited by PC Medic on May 11 2006,3:12 pm

'PC Medic'
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Bigfoot Offline

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    Posted: Jan. 31 2005,8:04 am QUOTE

Quote (PC Medic @ Jan. 28 2005,6:08 pm)
Mark a waypoint back to your car

I believe this to be the biggie, we all have a tendency to become nonchalant and take this one for granted.
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scalpel Offline

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    Posted: Feb. 01 2005,6:01 pm QUOTE

yeah.  I believe I have neglected to mark the parking spot or departure point every time I go out.
Even if you aren't lost at all, it is nice to see how long it estimates you will return, after a long arduous hike.
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Quinn Offline
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    Posted: Feb. 04 2005,10:21 pm QUOTE

I can't begin to tell you how many times I have told people to NOT just hop up and go out Geocaching without first learning how to use a GPS. If a person is new to the use of one I would simply say they should first hit a open area such as a park, golf course, play ground, etc. Then practice setting coordinates and locating certain pin points.
Heading out into the woods is just plain crazy if you do not know what you are doing. Lucky they had a cell phone to use to call for help or could have been much worse. On a good note they had the GPS to call in the coords as to where they were. The police and rescue must have thought it odd when they called and said "we are lost but we have a gps and I can give you the coordinates where we are"

"I Cache...Therefore I am!"
    Quinn Stone
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Posted: May 11 2006,7:21 am QUOTE

Well, this forum has turned out to be my FIRST geocache!  Was just surfing the 'Net for info on the topic ... and the link you provide in your forum (the "THIS ONE" link) led to a website, but no obvious story about two girls getting lost while geocaching.  SOOOOO, when I have more time, I'll start searching the archives!  

Can't wait to get started!


Edited by blackcrayola on May 11 2006,7:23 am
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