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    Posted: April 06 2010,12:52 pm QUOTE

Quote (PC Medic @ April 05 2010,4:13 pm)
Quote (KFL @ April 05 2010,2:14 pm)
Quote (PC Medic @ April 05 2010,12:25 pm)
Just out of curiosity, are you by chance logging in via your 'MyNavicache' login and then attempting to logout from the button in the forums?

Uh, no - but the other way around. Logout via the link in the forum does work, you are right. However, logging back in still has the 'new' threads marked as 'new' even when I have read them before.

This is getting a bit off topic, but will make a quick post on this.

The login from the MyNavicache link in the main site logs you in to both your MyNavicache and Forum accounts. The 'Log Me Out' link in your MyNavicache page also logs you out of both (MyNavicache and Forums), but it does state (and require) that you close your browser window to complete the process (for the MyNavicache at least).

If you login from the forums you will be logged in ONLY to the forums and must also log out from there as well.

Best thing to do is always make habit of logging in from MyNavicache and logging out from the same. It makes the visit more seamless.

Any further questions on this (login and log-out) should be in new thread or email.

Thanks!  :thumbs-up   I always thought I had to log into the forums separately.  I will now, be sure to get them them from the MyNavicache page, which seems to do a better job of keeping me logged in.

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    Posted: April 06 2010,2:46 pm QUOTE

Because the Forums are provided via a separate third party package, there was a separate login required when you visited them. Back in the early days of the site a single login was one of those things many users asked for. Being a member of the support team for the Forum software as well I was familiar with the code and with the help of GeoRocker and a little tweaking, this was made possible. Unfortunately at this time it is a one way street.

Be honest with you I am not sure why I have never taken the time to remove the login and log-out options from the forums and instead have it redirect to the MyNavicache page.

'PC Medic'
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