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GPSMapNut Offline

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Joined: May 2002
Posted: May 04 2002,2:28 pm QUOTE

For a several months now, I had a privilege to test and play
with MapSend Canada - Canadian maps that can be loaded to Magellan Meridian
and 330 series of GPS receivers. I couldn't talk about it much before it was
released, but yesterday, on my way from work, I stopped by an outdoor store
in Mississauga and they just received a shipment, so the cat is out of the
Magellan's own website, hardly mentions anything about this maps. I checked
today and still; the only note about it could find was in the support
section. It still says that:  "MapSend Streets and Destinations Canada (Soon
to be Released!)"
Well, obviously the "soon" is now.
Anyway; We (GPS Nuts) are working on a review of it. (Hopefully) soon, the
review will be posted in the "Canadian digest" section of As
a Canadian, I am naturally very interested in this product. Actually; I
should rephrase it. I am so excited about it that I can't wait any longer
with sharing at least some of the thoughts right away!
In the Canadian Digest, you will find reviews of some other, good, receiver
loadable Canadian maps. I like them very much - they are excellent for my
home town area and several other spot areas in Canada. For the rest of
Canada they are useful but not that good.
Release of MapSend Canada is changing that. Now there finally are GPSR
loadable maps that have very good road coverage of the ENTIRE CANADA! As far
as I can see, the road and street detail and accuracy of even the smallest
and most obscure Canadian communities ranges from good to excellent!
Normally, our review of Canadian maps would be based mainly on few, randomly
selected areas, from the ones that interest me personally. Well; Canada is a
large country and I may just think that MapSend Canada gives a good detail
for everywhere, so I'd like to enlist some help with selecting the areas for
the screenshots. Interested? Send me co-ordinates or address or a place name
in the area you'd like to see the screenshots of.  I will try to accommodate
a request for each province / territory. If I'm flooded with requests, it
will be "first come, first serve" :-)
Please send your requests, by Monday May 06, 2002 to:
If you like to be notified when the review is published, send an email to:
Your email address will not be used for anything else except to inform you
about the review therefore your email MUST have a valid return address.
Sorry, but I will not be taking any time to decipher any spam protection. We
value your privacy, please value our time.

Andrew Kalinowski Recreational GPS and mapping (hobby)  Canadian raster topo (and some other) maps

Ps. At this moment; we may not have time to answer right away (all) detailed
questions. Please be patient and wait for the review to be published.
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aqualung Offline

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Joined: Aug. 2002
Posted: Sep. 03 2002,7:05 pm QUOTE

Your enthusiasm about MapSend Streets & Destinations Canada is not overstated! It is very accurate, I've driven around Eastern Ontario with my GPS and have found it to be extremely accurate. You can even tell what side of the road you're on.

The detail is excellent as well. Every side street I've come across, even ones I wouldn't drive on (well I might with my ATV) are shown on the maps.

The Cartologists at Magellan get two thumbs up!!  :grinnin
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300mag Offline
Navicache Dude

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Posted: Oct. 26 2002,9:50 am QUOTE

:D  I am happy to see that magelan as got some great maps. So far from what I have seen only garmin had good ones in parts of Canada. This is great news to hear.
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