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Quinn Offline
Caching Madman

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    Posted: July 14 2002,9:05 am QUOTE

I always thought it would be really cool to have a scavenger hunt using GPSR's. I think we might be able to set something up for the upstate, NY area where coordiantes could be given to hidden items (hidden in parks,woods or even coordinates to stores) in which people use those posted coordinates to get these items based on teams of cachers working together or as a single unit. Each item would have a point value based on it's rareness or difficulty in getting. Then we could have a public meeting somewhere that these items could be turned in for the points as well as just to have a plain old picnic.

This might be a good idea for retailers and could also be done by all ages and even those with handicaps. The hunt could take you just about anywhere to get these items.

I think if we put our heads together this could make for an awesome spring meeting next year or maybe before if we get the ideas fixed in time.
Of course there would have to be more than one item of the same thing or else you would have people traveling to a place to get this item just to find out it has already been taken unless we have a way of showing these on a checklist and removing them as they are hit.
This is a very rough sketch but I think this could be lots of fun for everyone. Idea's?

"I Cache...Therefore I am!"
    Quinn Stone
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Hinge Thunder Offline
Caching wizard

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    Posted: July 14 2002,9:42 am QUOTE

Or, how about a GPS poker run kind of thing where you collect cards, and the best hand wins (what, I don't know).

In the GPS model of the universe, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line...through creeks, thorn bushes, horse piles, whatever....
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Posted: July 17 2002,6:22 pm QUOTE

Or, how about a GPS poker run kind of thing where you collect cards, and the best hand wins (what, I don't know)

GPS Poker!!!!!!!!!!!
I would assume that nothings wild....... :0

I'm sure some cachers have a little gambling in their
past.LOL    :grinnin

Anyways, sounds good to us........:oo:


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Bitmaster Offline

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Posted: July 20 2002,7:35 pm QUOTE

Quinn, Hinge, Upinyachit (and others),

A BIG thumbs up on the GPS Poker idea. Cards are very easy & small to hide, so placing them is MUCH easier than an ammo box, so you could stick a card under a rock, in the crack of a tree, etc.

Here's the problem that I see... If we're going to have the turnout that we had in June, we're going to have about 10-12 teams, which means at least 60-70 GPS locations (at least) to have a proper mix. This, in turn, means that we'll need several people that help in the setup (spotting locations, marking sites, etc.) and will have to disqualify themselves and their families (LOL - I sound like a radio commercial) from being in the hunt. We'll also need several hours for setup (finding places to hide cards, marking the spots, etc.) Some locations will need to be much harder (to place higher value cards) than others.

Another idea would be to place several cards (maybe 3 cards per location) and have each team select one card from the location to make their hand. No swapping & no "double tapping" a cache site once visited ("hey, the last cache had an Ace in it).

To discourage cheating, each team draws a card (or maybe two?) before leaving & that card is recorded before they leave the area. They have to present this card upon returning. The card they draw is their "base" & have to build their hand from that (or not use it at all, but they will still have to carry it in their hand). Also to discourage cheating, we keep a list of what cards were placed at what location. Teams have to turn in their list of caches they visited & we check our list to verify that the cards that they have are all legit & that there's not two cards from one cache in their hand!

So, maybe I have hammered out something here... Maybe 20 locations with 5 cards each. We'll need two decks of the same playing cards. If we have 12 teams, that's 60 cards. I think that's a good spread.

What does everyone think?  Quinn or Dekaner, if you need help on this event, let me know. I can get to the event site early enough to help you guys set this up...

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