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Topic: New caches?
started by: logscaler

Posted by logscaler on Dec. 06 2002,6:12 pm
Hi guys.  I was wondering if there would be any conflicts between groups if I started posting caches over to this site as well as the "other" site?  I have been signed up over here for a while but I have mostly forgot about being here but I noticed a couple other locals posting here so I would like to start also. that is not worded very well but I hope the intent is caught.  Later,  logscaler.
Posted by Quinn on Dec. 06 2002,8:41 pm
By all means you are always welcome to cross list your caches to this site... many people already do and we hope that others will follow the same path.

Tell your friends!

We are here to help so if you have any problems just let us know. BTW...very good to see a new face in the forums...welcome!  :)
Posted by Gimpy on Dec. 07 2002,3:16 am
Hey, logscaler. Welcome! :grinnin . I've put out 26 caches so far, (a few have come up plundered),& all were posted here then GC. Go for it. The more exposure the better. Good to hear from you. :wave
Posted by Scout on Dec. 07 2002,8:09 am
Welcome, logscaler. By all means, list your caches on regardless of where else you might list them. Personally, I've listed most of my caches here and nowhere else. Well, actually I have a few old ones on and a few others cross-listed here and on < GeocachingWorldwide >, but I think I have more listed exclusively here than anywhere else. Gives people more of a reason to visit this site.
Posted by logscaler on Dec. 09 2003,7:10 pm
Well I am back again.

It seems as it has been one year since I posted some caches to this website and so far, I have had zero hits from Navicachers.

I guess I will have to try and spread the word around this area and see what happens.


Posted by Renegade Knight on Dec. 09 2003,7:20 pm
My only Navicache is not cross posted.  If you want to find it, you have to find it here.
Posted by Scout on Dec. 09 2003,7:35 pm
Quote (Renegade Knight @ Dec. 09 2003,8:20 pm)
My only Navicache is not cross posted. áIf you want to find it, you have to find it here.

It requires a hope and a prayer to list a cache only on number 2, but I think you're right, RK. So long as players can get all the caches on number 1, many will never venture out into the big wide world. As soon as they think they're missing something by sticking with number 1, they just might start looking around.
Posted by scalpel on Oct. 20 2004,12:10 am
3 relatively new caches I have placed in Western WA in the last couple months.
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