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started by: fledermaus

Posted by fledermaus on Jan. 02 2010,7:34 pm
Just letting everybody out there know that all my caches, as listed on this website, are still active.

I sure would like to see more activity and caches by others who visit this website and live in and around my home area.


Posted by DudleyGrunt on Jan. 02 2010,10:50 pm
I'm quite a ways from you, but may be out that way in July.  I'll try to remember that.  Not sure how many you have, but it might be good to post a note to each.  I've been checking the ones out my way and a post from the owner saying all is good with the cache would go a long way to confirming the cache is safe to go after.
Posted by fledermaus on July 28 2010,9:31 pm
:)  :)  :)
At this moment in time, ALL my Navicaches ARE in Good Health! F.Y.I.: Most, if not all of them, are shared with other websites, i.e. Geocaching, GPS Games, Letterboxing and Terracaching.

Posted by DudleyGrunt on July 29 2010,5:44 am
Thanks!  Glad to see you've also posted notes on your cache pages.  I know if I was in your area, that would be very helpful.  

We're having another < Chat Room > session on 2 Aug @ 9pm ET / 6 PT.  It'll last about 2 hours, thought, so hope you'll be able to join us.

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