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Topic: Who's caching the puget sound here.
started by: turn180

Posted by turn180 on May 06 2009,9:31 pm
Seems pretty quiet around here :rotflmao

Posted by turn180 on May 06 2009,9:35 pm
Hello..Hello.. echo?
Guess if I hide one it will never be found???

Posted by DudleyGrunt on May 07 2009,6:37 am
I'm not in your area, but you'll find these forums are not as active as some others.  Be patient.  It may take a little while to get a reply from such a targeted audience.

Welcome to Navicache and happy trails!


Posted by scalpel on Oct. 05 2009,8:55 pm
Have a few around, but don't seem to be many people who search them up.  Oh well, still better than some options.  :)  have fun.  
they will probably be found eventually.    Think I have a few that are 5 years or so old maybe, and yet to have a visitor, I think.  Although, terrain and roads being rearranged by nature sure didn't make it any easier to get out there.

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Oct. 06 2009,1:54 pm
I'll be out there next July for GeoWoodstock VIII and will definitely check out some local NC caches.
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