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Topic: Colorado Navi Cachers Meeting
started by: Tahosa

Posted by Tahosa on Dec. 15 2003,11:43 am
Well since Navi Cache is starting to grow in Colorado I think we should have some kind of meeting someplace in January.
Time and actual place to be determined when an idea of how many would be available and of course our fickle weather.

Email Tahosa and lets see what we can come up with.

Posted by TundraChief on Dec. 15 2003,6:45 pm
Tahosa, you will get my email shortly.  You are not only a dweller of mountain tops you are a leader of folk.  I love your spirit and evenhanded approach.
Posted by Guest on Jan. 14 2004,6:59 am
Casey and I were thinking about going to this cache event, but haven't decided yet.  The cache event is over two hours from Pueblo, so we would have to prepare to be gone all day.
I am sure CO ADMIN. is a great person and would like to meet him, and all the other cachers that plan on attending.  With any luck, we will try to attend this cachers meeting. :grinnin

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