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Topic: Group caching - September 28, 2003
started by: junglehair

Posted by junglehair on Sep. 15 2003,9:45 am
Anyone interested in a group caching adventure is invited out to Webster Park (off Lake Road, NE Rochester, NY - I'll post coordinates soon):

Sunday, September 28, 2003
2:00 p.m.

There are about 10 caches in that park ranging from 2-4 in difficulty and terrain.

Then you can join us for dinner (ever tried one of Rochester's famous Garbage Plates?). And for the real diehards, we're planning to do some night caching afterwards as well.

Everyone welcome. Hope to see you there!

For updated details, check the NYGO website: < >

Posted by Cracker7M on Sep. 17 2003,9:23 am
I'm in... :D

Dont blame me if you dont like yer Garbage Plate.... :p

Posted by cenobite07 on Sep. 17 2003,4:07 pm
Can we send someone skinny and flexible up after the one i chickened out on....? :rollwink
Posted by Cracker7M on Sep. 17 2003,8:13 pm
Only if you show up!... :)
Posted by cenobite07 on Sep. 22 2003,10:16 am
Well, poker season's over for the time being so I just might be there.
Posted by cenobite07 on Sep. 29 2003,11:16 pm
Sorry I missed you guys.

The babysitter stood us up :(

Again :angry:

Maybe next time.... :wave

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