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started by: Team Spending Time Saving Cache

Posted by Team Spending Time Saving Cache on June 03 2003,3:44 pm
Hello my name is John and I am a cache-a-holic.

Our handle is: Team Spending Time Saving Cache

Our team consists of: Myself, my wife and our 6 month old.

We hail from: Tampabay area (FL) and have been caching for
about 1 month.

Our cache-mobile: Nissan X-Terra SUV

Thanks for listening!

GPS(s) we use: Garmin Etrex Venture and Magellan Meridian Platinum

We starting caching for: The hunt, sightseeing and the excercise and it gives plenty of them all! :D

Posted by Quinn on June 03 2003,4:21 pm
Hauling around a 6 month old I am sure you do get plenty of exercise.  :grinnin  Welcome to the website!

As always it's great to see a new face around here. Please feel free to speak your mind and kick yer shoe's off anytime you want.  :)

I hope the caching there is as much fun for you as it is for us up here in the north.

Posted by Team Spending Time Saving Cache on June 03 2003,4:33 pm
Thanks! Yep the little guy keeps me busy for sure! I do the easy caches when I am with him to keep him away from the bugs and snakes and things (Ya got to love Florida for the critters good and bad I guess).  Then the harder ones I do when I can sneak away by myself or with the wife if we can get a sitter (great granny loves to watch him :D )

I started out on *** but found this site too so now I will be using them both (the more caches the merrier).

I have about 20+ finds and 3 hides now so I am fairly new but not new to the GPS world.  I bought one of the first GPSs for my boat (Garmin GPS75 I think it was, paid $600) LOL

Thanks for listening and thanks for the nice welcome!


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