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Topic: I am still here!
started by: Hinge Thunder

Posted by Hinge Thunder on Feb. 20 2003,5:40 pm
Hey everyone! How is everybody? I have a torn meniscus in my left knee (it tore during a karate class)! What fun! It has been sore for quite a while, and gets worse after any serious hiking. So needless to say, I havn't been doing much caching. I will most likely be getting surgery to fix it, which will have me on crutches for a while, and pretty much out of commission for a while. I amy try to get out and do a few caches before that. Just wanted to let everyone know, I am still here.
Posted by Gimpy on Feb. 21 2003,1:21 am
Hey, Hinge. It's been a while. Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about the knee. Hope it all works out ok. We'll have to place a few gravy caches that you can get to by wheelchair. We don't want you going into a serious state of withdrawal. :grinnin
Posted by Quinn on Feb. 21 2003,2:13 am
I just figured he was hanging from his toe's somewhere's...I know the kind of caches he likes to place.  :grinnin

Looks like the puppy will have to cache without him for a while.

Good to see you around these parts again though! :)
Posted by Hinge Thunder on Mar. 13 2003,8:28 am
Well the surgery for my knee is scheduled for 4/1 (yeah, it's April fools day, but I didn't particullarly care to wait till the 2nd). I will be on crutches for 3 days to two weeks from what I have heard. Knowing me, it will be the 3 days. And recovery will be a couple months. If this snow melts, I may try to get out and do some caching before the surgery. There are bunches of new ones that I haven't done. I gotta get out and check mine. A couple of them might not be there anymore from what I have read in the logs.

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 13 2003,8:40 am
hmmm...looks like you should recover just in time for the Geocachers picnic I just posted. I hope to see you there and I wish you well with your operation...just hope i don't get my hands on your chart  :grinnin
Posted by Hinge Thunder on Mar. 13 2003,11:48 am
I just saw your email. I am looking forward to it. I have been inactive in caching because of the darn knee. I did mange to do a few easy ones back in Washington state. I will have to see if I can create a cache that be worthy of the cachers at the picnic. I could do one like last years for newby cachers who don't know the secret. We shall see. I will come up with SOMETHING CHALENGING!!!!!
Posted by Blackwatch Clan on May 05 2003,1:37 pm
Coyote & I both hope Hinge Thunder is recovering rapidly!  His hides are always a real challenge.  Once we start looking for a hide of his we can't stop hunting for it until we find it, even if it means hanging by our toenails!  Gamma Kitt
Posted by Hinge Thunder on May 21 2003,12:24 pm
I am doing better. Not 100% though. I did the Escape cache, and first person to find it when it went public. Looking forward to the article tommorrow. I hope Issaquah Puppy and I at least get a mention. My knee was aching a bit by the time I got back to my car. Oh well. I planned on coming to the picnic, but I have another commitment that day. I will try to get there at the end of the day. Hopefully people will still be around. I may replace the Leprachauns Treasure if past finders don't give it away to the newcomers. They can sit back any laugh! :)
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