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Topic: One year anniversary........
started by: upinyachit

Posted by Guest on Jan. 08 2003,4:41 pm
On March 30 of this year will be our one year anniversary since we found out about Navicache. áI can't believe how time flies by. áI just looked at some of our pictures from last year, and can't believe how much the kids have grown. áIt's cool to go back and read our logs and look at the pictures we took.

Anyways, I was wondering how many members have been here for a year and are still active geocachers?

Posted by Morseman on Jan. 08 2003,5:56 pm
Quote (upinyachit @ Jan. 08 2003,11:41 pm)
Anyways, I was wondering how many members have been here for a year and are still active geocachers?


My first Geocache, logged on another place, was Free Lunch on 22/11/2001 (sorry 11/22/2001 in some other places )

I've been accused of losing interest by some UK Geocachers, but that's probably due to being sucked into Geodashing  :^:
and the fact that I've lost it with my fellow countrymen/women who got on the case of one poor guy, then signed up to pay for geocaching with someone who was across the other side of the world, and seemed happy to do it!

As they say somewhere else, go figure!
Posted by Scout on Jan. 08 2003,9:02 pm
It'll be two years in March since I placed my first cache. It still has zero logs against it, either here or at I've gotten sidetracked into one or two other activities, but I still go out geocaching now and then, more to place puzzle caches than to find trinkets.

P.S. Hey Morseman, ROBIN LOVELOCK. There I said it. You can too. We don't have any names-that-must-not-be-uttered on this board!
Posted by Gimpy on Jan. 09 2003,3:10 am
Come March, it'll be 2 years for me as well. Quinns "Ghosts Domain" was my first cache conquest. A couple of weeks later, I placed my first cache, Mendon Ponds #1, on April 8th, 2001. It's been logged 98 times so far, & still going strong. :grinnin
Posted by Road Kill on Jan. 10 2003,1:09 pm
It was Quinns Northhampton cache that hooked me in March 2001. Back then there were only 5 caches in Monroe County and I beleave they were all Quinn's. April 14th West Meets East went into Letchworth and Quinn was the first visitor.

First thing I know he's ribing me for my choice of hats. Just goes to show you can't always find a GOOD friend.

:withstupid    :grinnin
Posted by Rocky on Jan. 10 2003,2:13 pm
My first caching attempt was on April 6 2001.  I went after "The Spot" by Greg Mosher who now goes by GPS fool.  I believe this cache to be the first east of the Mississippi which was out for several months before being logged by Quinn in February of 2001    Although most areas had bare ground when I arrived at the parking area there was at least a foot of snow due to the higher elevation.  I aborted that attempt and came back a week later after first finding Gimpy's "Mendon Ponds".
The first cache that I placed "Klipnocky State Forest"was on April 20th 2001.  I picked a place out in the middle of nowhere in a beautiful mature hardwoods  because that type area is why I purchased by GPS initially.
My most successful cache is the one I placed near Orlando FL which has had 100 hits in just over a year.
In addition to all wonderful places that I've been the second most satisfaction I have had is beating Road Kill to a new cache.
Posted by barrington on Jan. 10 2003,9:10 pm
First cache found July 4, 2001, "It's as Easy as ABC" by GPS Fool.  I learned about caching from newspaper/magazine articles, and there was a lot of local publicity at the time with Quinn's ABC News appearance.  I already had a Magellan 315 I bought several months before (just because it was a nifty gadget and on sale at K-Mart), and finally there was a real use for it!  The bonus was that Mrs. B enjoys caching as well (as does Penny, our pooch), giving us a good reason to get out in the woods and do some hiking more often. We're still enjoying it as much or more 1-1/2 years later.

After finding that a lot of caches were placed by people who were obviously younger and in better shape than us, we figured out that we preferred placing caches more than finding them, so that's been our main activity, exploring and finding interesting (and tricky) places to locate caches.  We occasionally still hunt caches, but only the ones that aren't likely to take us a half mile up a 45 degree slope.   :(

It's also great to meet other cachers.  The hobby (sport, activity, whatever it is) seems to draw some pretty nice people.  :D
Posted by DxChallenged on Jan. 12 2003,4:17 am
Hey!  It's been nearly a year and a half for us.  

Fearless works with pilots and reads maps daily.  So 2 years ago he told me that he just had to have a GPS.  Ever the avid internet shopper....I researched it, couldn't honestly figure out why he needed one but decided to buy it anyway.  A garmin III+ which at the time, was the best they had.

While on vacation that summer, we saw a news piece on geocaching with the family.  We both enjoyed hiking but our 3 kids seemed to need a focus.........geocaching worked for all of us.

Our first cache was at Hunters Creek (now retired).  It was located in the woods down the road from where fearless grew up.  The funny thing is it was also our first nonfind.  We got to the spot alright but were diverted by wayward trail tape...Actually I never did find that one......Fearless went back with his brother and the kidz and found it on the side of the hill.............

Since then we have all grown and gained much from the sport...
*Combined with slimfast caching is a great way to combat midlife buldges!
*Eversure son has grown a foot in this time.  He is the one with an eagle eye for a cache and an everwilling response to hitting the trails esp for more difficult terrain.
*Fearless is my GPS expert....always updating my maps and showing me even more things that this valuable tool can do.
*That's right I don't think of a GPS as a gadget anymore.  I have my own and for someone who had phobias of getting lost (when I lived in South Dakota I used to end up in Nebraska) I now feel enabled......Even in forgien lands!
*Speaking of forgien lands...One of my best caching experiences was when I went to Ottawa to start a Canadian Quilt project.  It was great going to a place I had never been and having 2 familys of cachers meet us.......and then to go on the trails and have a cacher that I had never communicated with call out my caching name  :D
*Geocaching has also helped me to come to grips with Butterfly Girls limitations/strengths.  Just after we moved in here, our caching was down.  I had the excuse of moving but I also knew that I was reluctant..Butterfly has a restricted lung due to major curvature in her spine.  Lately any trail over 1/2 a mile was winding her and I just hated to accept that.....The Fearless pushed us and a new family out on the trails.......the caches he chose had short trails (1/4 mile one way) but the terrain was very mixed and at times steep.....Butterfly Girl in keeping with her caching name flitted gracefully past everyone.  And i smiled

So yeah!   We are still going strong. I imagine like everything else, how we cache will change.  But we have every intention of hitting the trails every weekend and on all vacations......Can't wait until we get a decent amount of snow...I figured that this years christmas presents; snow shoes and a metal detector, are just the ticket for wintertime caching!

Posted by Blackwatch Clan on Jan. 16 2003,3:08 pm
April 16th will be 2 years for us.  RoadKill took us on our first hunt for Ghosts Domain.  It was so much fun we haven't stopped; slowed down due to health and weather, but haven't stopped.  Our first tough one was Rocky's Stony Creek on May 13,2001.  RoadKill and I were "lucky" to be first.  We enjoy the messages when others find the ones we've hidden.  :wave
Posted by Blackwatch Clan on Jan. 16 2003,3:22 pm
Whoops!  That was Rocky's Rattlesnake Hill hide that was our tough one early on in our hunts.  Stony Creek was another long tough hunt that RoadKill pulled his first "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk" on me. Gamma Kitt   :)
Posted by Scout on Mar. 17 2004,9:06 am
Quote (Scout @ Jan. 08 2003,10:02 pm)
It'll be two years in March since I placed my first cache. It still has zero logs against it

Make that three years ago today. The date is easy to remember because my first hide included a flag of Ireland in honor of St Patrick's Day. And there are still no logged attempts against that cache, the first one placed in the Bahamas. But a month or so ago, a Geodashing player was on the same island and scored a nearby dashpoint. Too bad he didn't know about the geocache I hid there.

Posted by cachekidds on Mar. 31 2004,2:05 pm
We're coming up on our two year mark as well.
Posted by DustyJacket on Mar. 31 2004,2:30 pm
A tad over a year for me.  131 finds.

I've been doing it slow-and-easy and not one of those hard chargers that logged 100 finds in the first 2 or 3 months.

At least I haven't run out of caches in the 100 mil radius from my home.

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