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Topic: Expressing your opinion........
started by: upinyachit

Posted by Guest on Aug. 29 2002,8:52 pm
At least one person from our family will check the forums for a new topic or a reply everyday.  Not a day goes by without one of us going online to see what's happenin'.   ;0o

So my question is.....

Why aren't there more posts more often?   It doesn't really matter on what subject or topic the post is in. Part of enjoying the forums is to read what other members have to say. :wave

If there aren't any new posts, how can we read 'em?  :(  

Is there anybody out there??? LOL

Maybe looking at some old posts might spark some new interests!  ;)

Posted by welch on Aug. 30 2002,11:30 am
i wondered about that (why there arent more posts).
since i dont start many posts myself i just have to assume that no one has any bursting quesitons or comments they just have to get out. :withstupid
Posted by Quinn on Aug. 30 2002,2:35 pm
exactly!  many people prefer to sit back and respond to those questions or comments that others make, thus somewhere's along the line someone will have to step up to the plate and get the ball rolling.  ;)
Posted by Scout on Aug. 30 2002,4:29 pm
Quote (upinyachit @ Aug. 29 2002,4:52 pm)
Why aren't there more posts more often?

My own theory is that as the hobby passes its second anniversary, the number of new topics is drying up.
Posted by mikechim on Aug. 30 2002,6:07 pm
Just for you Upinyachit

< The answer! >

Though honestly I'd rather see it this way, then have Lots of talking going on but nothing about geocaching (or usually nothing new), no thread can go anywhere before it's dragged off topic.  I get more from the few messages that are here then all the ones over there.  In fact, I've only scene 1 truly worthwile thread (pa state park regs) overthere.  This is the place I come to when I want to talk caching.  And I hope it never goes the way of the other (though with my thread I'm not helping  :) ).

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