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started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Feb. 26 2002,6:49 pm
I thought it a good idea (maybe) to let everyone know just what each of us look like. I have taken the first step by adding my picture here though it was taken some time ago and since then I have lost 40 pounds and have ab's of steel and a golden tan.
People constantly get me mixed up with "Brad Pitt"...ok, maybe some of this is a lie :grinnin

This was me on a very hot day over last summer when ABC sent a news crew to do a story. As a matter of fact it was "Dan Harris" that took this pix while playing with my camera.
Posted by Guest on Nov. 22 2002,5:49 am

This is a picture of us doing the Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my cache at the Seneca Park Zoo. áNo, our girls did not shrink; they are our nieces, Jesika and Ashley, áthat thoroughly enjoyed the cache.

Posted by Cracker7M on Nov. 22 2002,9:47 am
Here's a pic of me right after playing paintball.....

(sorry, I dont know how to add it to a post, so here's a link):

< >
Posted by Gimpy on Nov. 29 2002,1:16 am
Here's a shot of me after getting all sweated up going after Roadkills "Verdi Says Hi" cache.. Excellent cache, although the skeeters had their way with me a little more than I'd have liked. :grinnin

Posted by Quinn on Dec. 03 2002,5:55 am
Roadkill...If I told you once I have told you a million times not to get your rogaine for people mixed up with my cats Rogaine for Critters.

This is what happens when you mess up!!

Posted by Dekaner on Dec. 03 2002,7:32 am

Dekaner after spending all day hunting 'caches with Bitmaster.
Posted by South Cache on Jan. 16 2003,12:07 pm
This is my oldest daughter the cute one, my brother in law with the red hat, and me (the ugly one :sick) about to hoist my daughter up the mast to retreive a lost halyard.  Good thing I have two daughters, in case I mess this up.  :^^

If you are wondering she made it just fine.  I could have saved myself a bunch of college tuition.  :^^

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