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Topic: Gobble Gobble!
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 28 2002,8:10 am
I just wanted to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to you all and Thanks for making this a great year.

I am certain that when the weather comes around I will see many of you on the trails. :)
Posted by Gimpy on Nov. 28 2002,9:34 am
From the Gimpy household as well! Happy Thanksgiving to all. :D
Posted by cenobite07 on Nov. 28 2002,10:00 am
Happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

And also to the rest of the motley crew I have met while engaged in this obsession of ours.

I was going to post a new one today but didn't know if you would be around to approve it. I'll probably submit it anyway and wait till you get time.
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