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Topic: Nice to meet you all!
started by: LadyBug

Posted by LadyBug on June 12 2002,12:54 pm
Hi there everyone!

Ladybug here!  Just posting a note about myself.  My son-in-law finally convinced me to get on this site and get movin'! :0

Heard this site is alot of fun.  Anyone want to give me any advice to make my adventures adventurous?  LOL :p

Just purchased a new Meridian Gold and can't wait to get started! ;)

See you on the trails!  :D

Posted by Gimpy on June 13 2002,4:16 am
Welcome,LadyBug. Happy Caching. :grinnin
Posted by Quinn on June 13 2002,5:18 am
she's hooked!   you can just tell  :)
Posted by Hinge Thunder on June 13 2002,8:01 am
Quote (LadyBug @ June 12 2002,2:54 pm)
Heard this site is alot of fun.  Anyone want to give me any advice to make my adventures adventurous?  LOL :p

If you want REALLY adventurous, go caching at night, and try either of my 'Treasure' caches.

Or more seriously, get a few easy ones under your belt first, then have at em. I wouldn't do any night caching until you at least have 5 or 10 finds. But then I recommend them highly at least for the experience.
Posted by LadyBug on June 13 2002,1:16 pm
Thanks so much for replying to my first cache, didn't like all the bugs, but had a good time, I needed to do some walking, suppose to walk everday, hey anyone out there do quilting I have about 10 I'm working on now, but it's going real slow because of my hands, but I will get them done, any omre advice? thanks

Posted by DxChallenged on June 13 2002,8:11 pm
hey another cacher quilter!!


I enjoy both caching and many am I working on tolkien one, the tolkien virtual one, the Canadian Geoquilt, Geoquilt 2, 2 mini Canadian quilts, a blue jean and pinwheel number of which I have 3 going and a grandmother's flower garden for the I guess that we are both looking at 10.....oh wait a signature quilt for my Mom who is recovering from surgery.........11........I think that that is more than you........not that I am competative or anything......

My goequilt2.....From Sea to "Shinning Sea" is now in 17 states througout the US and my Canadian one is in all the provences........

But on top of this we had a bid accepted on a house (backs up to a beautiful park in my town) and we have 30 days to sell our house.........

Anyway, Nice to meet you and so great to meet a fellow quilter......I do all on my Grandma's 1950 hand sewing here.....except for the background.......

Hope tio talk to you more and Welcome!!

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