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Topic: Magellan vs Garmin
started by: ae708

Posted by ae708 on July 23 2004,8:12 am
I was looking around on ebay and it seems that the Garmin units are more expensive than the Magellan. Why is that.... are they that much better? I found new Magellan Golds much cheaper than an Etrex Legend. I want to buy an new GPS but get more confused the more I seem to learn.
Posted by PC Medic on July 23 2004,11:21 am
Why is one more expensive than the other? Which brand is better?...two questions that will probably bring varying responses.

As for which is better I think they both make some fine units though I tend to like more of the Magellan units than I do the Garmin's. My favorites would be the Magellan Platinum or Color in a hand-held unit. Plenty of features, fit well in the hand, easy menu system and good button placememnt. I find them the best value for the dollar for my needs.

By the way I moved your topic here as it was more 'equipment' than general geocaching related.

Posted by welch on July 23 2004,9:09 pm
Its like asking what brand of car is the best. Your answer is based on your past experience and what options/features you can get for your money.
Both Garmin and Magellan (and others no doubt) make some models/series that are good, and some that are not as good. (Personally I'm a garmin person if you care)

As for why one cost more than other on ebay... because its ebay. The 'price' is what people are bidding against each other... Sometimes stuff is very cheap, while other times you could go buy new for the same or less.

hey whats a magellan gold? :;):

Posted by PC Medic on July 24 2004,6:04 am
That would be the Magellan Meridian Gold. Many refer the the Meridian line by color only (Green, Gold, Platinum).
Posted by welch on July 24 2004,10:48 am
ok, just wanted to make sure they weren't talking about a yellow/bright gold colored unit.
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