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started by: JeepCachr

Posted by JeepCachr on Mar. 26 2004,6:46 pm
Well I recently started geocaching. I learned immediately that my old garmin 38 wasn't going to cut it. So heres some product reviews from someone who may be a geocaching newbie but has been a lifelong gadget freak.

I researched new GPS's extensively, since I already have an Ipaq with bluetooth I decided a Bluetooth receiver is what I wanted. I purchased a Fortuna Blue tooth clip-on receiver. I was shocked by how small it was when I received it. So far I've been impressed and very happy with its performance both in the car and on the trail. I'm hoping to compare it with other cachers GPS's soon, as the weather is finally starting to warm up around here and nice geocaching weather has got to be right around the corner.

The next thing I needed was a waterproof case for my ipaq. So I purchased a Heavy Armor 2600 otterbox from < Watertight cases >. This case fits my ipaq very well. It gives full functionality and so far is totally water tight. I gave it the very unscientific hot tub test and it didn't leak a drop. I've since used it several times in the hot tub while surfing the internet or chatting on IRC (with my wireless network).

When I purchased the GPS I also purchased mapopolis for mapping. I have tried many mapping programs in the past for traveling but was unhappy with all of them. Based on another cachers recomendation and several online reviews from cachers I tried mapopolis. I knew almost immediately that I needed to purchase this software and it was well worth it. The ability to convert a gpx file to a waypoint file for mapopolis is what really makes this work for geocaching. The routing and voice directions along with the accuracy of the maps made this the best street mapping software I've used.

Today I received what my wife hopes to be my last required peice of equipment for geocaching. It is a ram mount for my ipaq in the car. I have seen these ram mounts in the past and was impressed. I was dissapointed in the cradle that is supposed to hold my ipaq with or without accessorys. It will hold my ipaq without a sleeve on it but not very well. The ipaq is loose in the cradle though I don't think it will fall out. When it moves in the cradle it pushes the volume button. With a sleeve on it it fights snugly  and does not push the volume button. I can't remove the ipaq from the sleeve without removing the entire thing from the cradle and I can not plug the charger cord into the sleeve because the cradle has no cut out for it. My plan was to put the sleeve in the cradle with power plugged into it. Then I could easily slide the ipaq in and out of the sleeve without messing with the power cable. So what I have done instead is take the free Arkon universal PDA mount that came with my GPS and adapt to use with the Ram mount. I like this very much and will use it untill I spring for the money to buy one of the powered mounts. The powered mounts are similar to a sleeve in that the ipaq can be slid into them.

Posted by kd4crs on May 05 2004,2:10 pm
I have an iPaq 2215 and the Belkin version of the Clip-on using Mapopolis for maps.  So far it works good.  I am still getting used to using it right now though.
Posted by RumJungle on April 07 2005,10:54 pm
I like the waterproof case -- that is definitely a must for me. Mapopolis is good maping software. Another application that works well with caching is < BeeLineGPS >. There are many icons to support Geocacing and it too can download GPX files. The best thing about it, it acts like a traditional hand held GPS.

Off to order the waterproof case...

Posted by trilljester on Dec. 02 2005,3:29 pm
What do you guys think of the PocketPC GPS receivers, like the Garmin iQue M5, or Mio 168? Worthy investment? I know they can do auto navigation, but are these units good for Geocaching too?
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