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Topic: OCM 0.15 for Linux now has Navicache support
started by: ocm_ott

Posted by ocm_ott on July 04 2010,7:34 pm
OCM version 0.15 has been released with initial support for NaviCache via LOC and GPX files.

NaviCache users should use the .loc file from MyNaviCache over the GPX. The loc file contains the cache type, difficulty and terrain information and OCM will correctly parse it out. The GPX file will give you a generic cache instead.

Future versions of OCM will integrate with Navicache's XML interface to provide logs and cache descriptions.

Posted by tripman1 on July 04 2011,4:45 pm
Seems to have been 1 year since last post about OCM.  It is on version 1.0.5 and is really a great program.  It works well with Navicache and others.  Highly recommended!
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