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Topic: garmin IQue 3600
started by: PC Medic

Posted by PC Medic on April 04 2003,5:32 pm
Hey Gimpy, I know you'll like this one!

Garmin is slated to release its new IQue 3600 PDA second quarter of 2003. So what does a PDA have to do with Geocaching? And why is garmin releasing a PDA? Simple, this PDA not only contains a 200 Mhz processor and 32MB of memory with PALM OS5 operating system, but is also the first PDA to include an integrated GPS. And with turn-by-turn Voice guidance to boot!

you can   < check it out here > !
Posted by Gimpy on April 05 2003,6:58 am
Sure enough PC. I've been taking a look at that. I've also been taking a look at this.< Icom GPS > Icom is one of the top of the line manufacturers of Ham radio equipment. I currently have an Icom 706MKIIG as my mobile/base unit. They could very well become a contender in the gpsr market. :D
Posted by rockyriver on Nov. 29 2003,5:40 pm
???  I thought it was going to be a killer GPS, You know the GPS to judge all standards by. Well to begin with it needs more battery life on the built in battery,It needs to be waterproof, It needs more shock resistance. I have a friend who got one and he says its OK,Not great.
Posted by ltpat on Jan. 08 2004,11:24 pm
Got one for Christmas and the first thing to happen was the power pin bent when I removed it from the cradle after its first charge.  Garmin sent me a new one a week later - no questions asked.  I loaded the maps and synchronized it with my desktop.  It copied all of my email which took a while to delete.  I charged it up and drove to Seattle.  The battery was low in an hour.  I could not see the screen and have the gps get a proper signal at the same time in the car.  I turned down the brightness and it would not come back up and was even harder to read.  There is no and I mean no documentation on how to use the PDA functions or software except the map stuff.  The programs which are included to mimic Microsoft Office are all trial versions which are only good for a month.  I gave this unit a trial all right.  I found it guilty of all of the above charges and sentenced it to the custody of Garmin who will need to do some major rehab work to sell me another product like this one.  It is really neat when it works though.  I am going to get a wifi gps and a PPC instead.
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