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Topic: Casio GPS Wristwatch
started by: barrington

Posted by barrington on Mar. 13 2002,9:45 pm
Saw the Casio GPS wristwatch on TechTV.  Never be without a GPS again!  Check it out:

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Posted by Morseman on Mar. 14 2002,4:21 am
I wonder how much that will cost, and when it will be available in the UK?

Looking at the spec. I think I'll stick with my GPSIII+ for a while yet.  :)
Posted by Harrkev on Mar. 14 2002,7:28 am
It has been out in the US for a while.  I believe that it is around $300 or $400 US.
Posted by Rob on Mar. 14 2002,12:12 pm
I found this review for it here:

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It's a pretty old review, 9/21/2000

For me the pertinent comments where:
"Big big big, but not really heavy; can't download maps onto the watch--no PC connection; takes a while to get used to operation; expensive"
Posted by dgridley on Mar. 14 2002,12:29 pm
I've seen them at Media Play I think.. they are missing too many features for the geocacher I'd say.
Posted by 300mag on Mar. 15 2002,1:41 pm
A guy here as one. He uses it for caching but it isn't that accurate It doesnt go down to the seconds with the coords.
So you get degrees minutes thats like all gpsr it sucks batteries. He was considering buying a real gps
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