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Topic: Handspring Visor users
started by: Rob

Posted by Rob on May 03 2002,11:08 am
Handspring Visor users

Iím considering buying some add on toys for my visor prism. Just wondering if anyone is using the EyeModule2 Digital Camera or the HandyGPS or Magellan GPS Companion.

Actually, I havenít heard anything good about gps devises on palm type hand-helds but Iíve been considering it anyway as a back up.

If anyone has any thoughts, Iíd appreciate it. Thanks
Posted by Caron on May 03 2002,12:24 pm
I thought the magellan GPS COMPANION Was a waste of money. It only gives your present location. Even that seemed to be off from my garmin 111. Just used it twice, and put it away. Name a price and its yours. caron
Posted by Gimpy on May 03 2002,12:59 pm
The only thing I've added to my Prism, other than software, is the Memplug Compact Flash adapter allowing me to use a 128 mb. card in the unit. Works out great having all that storage capacity. I've not heard too much good about the available attachments & I prefer standalone camera & gps. I see now, if you purchase the Prism, they're giving you the Eyemodule for free. I don't put too much faith in stuff you can get at no cost. Just my opinion. :D
Posted by Rob on May 03 2002,2:16 pm
I have purchased the audible listening module so I can listen to books on my commute to work. (1hr twice a day) It works pretty well for that but Iíve really been on the fence about the other devices. I already have a e-map and Nikon digital camera so I guess I should be satisfied with those.

On the other hand Caron, let me think about this. Do you take Paypal?
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