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Topic: DeLorme Topo USA Software
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 05 2001,10:37 pm
Delorme was kind enough to send me a full copy of their Topo map software to kick around and give my thoughts on. So far from what I have seen of it I must say I like what I see. The graphics and contours are awsome by far and the ease of use is fitting for many people that are not computer jocks.
I have compared it to the software that garmin offers for Topo's and based on a % value I would have to say it has about a 40% Increase in quality for mapping and accuracy.
I intend on playing with both versions to compare them in the field this upcoming weekend while out caching to see if there is a difference that would really set them aprt other than the  3-D contours and graphics. I'll keep you all updated to my findings and thoughts as soon as I feel I have given it a fair evaluation.
Has anyone else used this type of Topo software before and if so what are your opinions on it?
Posted by Gimpy on Nov. 06 2001,7:00 am
I've  got their Topo USA & their Street Atlas USA.It's some really nice stuff. A lot of cool options, nice graphics & when you print out a map from it, it's a full page map unlike the half page from Mapsource software. It's more up to date than Mapsource & half the price. But you can't load maps from it to Garmin units. You can load routes & waypoints though. And planning routes with it is much nicer than Mapsource. You can just plug in a city, a park, a street address or whatever for a finish point. Give it your starting point. Tell it if you want a scenic route, fast route etc., and let it do it's thing. I've been playing with it for about 4 months now & I like it. Too many options to go into here, but it's good stuff. I'll create a route with with it with via's (stops ) along the way & load it into the GPS on top of the Mapsource maps. Obviously, you can also load tracks & other info from your GPS to DeLorme maps. And if you're a registered DeLorme user, they are always e-mailing you discount deals on their products. I've never gotten anything from Garmin. :thumbsup:
Posted by Gimpy on Nov. 25 2001,10:38 am
I just ordered DeLormes Street Atlas USA Deluxe. Upgrade over Streets 8. 200,000 new roads. 200,000 new points of interest. Zip code search. New travel package with turn by turn intersection maps. AND, any new roads that get built in the near future, I can add them into the maps. Turn by turn directions should be nice. Load the routes into the MAP76 & when on the road, the unit will beep when I'm approaching my turn & tell me which direction to head. I really could have used this on my geodashing adventure. Man, was I out in the sticks. I wonder if dirt roads will be included. :0
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Posted by Gimpy on Nov. 30 2001,12:16 am
Got SA Deluxe today & it's fantastic. Best software I've gotten dollar for dollar. First thing I did was use the option to load the whole thing onto the hard drive so I don't have to play around with the disc every time I use it. 576 mb! Then I printed out the manual in PDF format. 144 pages! Program has tons of options. Then I started to play. If I want to travel cross country, I just plug in a starting point, a finish point, tell it how many stops along the way, what type of food I like, what hotel chain I want to stay at, how many miles per gallon my vehicle gets (so it can pre-select where I need to stop for gas), what brand of gas I use, what types of points of interest I might want to stop at & how close to each upcoming turn I want the GPS to beep to let me know a turn is coming up. Easily downloads waypoints and/or routes to or from the GPS. And if that seems like a lot of typing, no big deal. They've incorporated the Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine 4.0 into the program, so after about 10 minutes of training the thing to the sound of my voice, I can sit back and give it info through the microphone. Really works great. I downloaded 50 cache waypoints into my III Plus, downloaded them onto the map. Selected my home address as starting point & finish point. Then selected each of the 50 waypoints as a stop along the route. Took about 4 minutes for it to produce a turn by turn route, start to finish. If I want, I can print out a map in sections so I can tape the sections together & produce a 3 ft. by 3 ft. map to hang on the wall or just the standard map pages with directions or just the turn by turn directions. Maps are very up to date & the process to add new roads into the map files, if necessary, is easy. Great stuff. And because I'm a repeat customer, got it for $39.00. According to the documentation, loads routes & waypoints into or from most Garmin & Magellan units. Works no problem with my III Plus, Vista & MAP76. :D
Posted by Guest on Nov. 30 2001,7:25 pm
Sounds good. I might have to get this myself.
Posted by mikechim on Nov. 30 2001,8:51 pm
Quote from Gimpy, posted on Nov. 25 2001,12:38 am
Man, was I out in the sticks. I wonder if dirt roads will be included. :0
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Are they?  :)  I mean they actually could have county highways if they really wanted.
Posted by Gimpy on July 02 2002,1:57 am
Took delivery today on Maptech Terrain Navigator 2002 software package. New York/ New England region on 17 cd's. Very nice stuff. Fantastic detail on their 7.5 minute series. Plenty of great options to play with, too. Printed up some maps from the same areas with my DeLorme Topo 4.0, Topo 3.0, Mapsource Topo & Maptech, & Maptech runs away with it. A very nice package. :D
Posted by dboggny on Sep. 08 2002,5:27 am
i have started using xmap handheld and topo 4 on a palm/megellan gps compaion. after downloading the patches and upgrades, i can now get routes as well as both types of maps on the palm (street and topo) with real time tracking on the map. it works fairly well for me, eventhough these two programs are clunky and the user interface is mostly horrible. it took a long time to learn how to move around and how to get things to work.
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