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Topic: Firmware Upgrades
started by: PC Medic

Posted by Guest on Sep. 26 2001,7:23 pm
I see Garmin has just released Firmware Updates for many of the eTrex units.
Among other things the update adds a new "Geocacher" Icon !  :thumbs-up

Posted by Gimpy on Sep. 28 2001,12:05 am
Yup. Loaded update into my Vista & runs fine. Now Garmin has to do the same for the III Plus & the MAP76. Icons on the Vista screen are so tiny that it's difficult to distinguish what the symbol is, but at least we know that Garmin has us cachers in mind.
Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 13 2001,8:09 pm
New Garmin update for the MAP76. Version 2.05. Adds a second place after the decimal for distance measurement & some other neat stuff. Works great.
Posted by Quinn on Oct. 13 2001,11:25 pm
wa-hooo...thanks for the Info. Just downloaded it and am all set. I must admit however that I have been playing around with the Magellan map330x for a couple days and can honestly say now that all those Magellan users I once wanted to convert had good reason to stay where they were. The map330 is just as good as the IIIPlus in my opinion, and having WAAS is just frosting on the cake. Size wise it's about the same as the IIIPLus and it's only downfall is the 10 hour battery life compared to the 36 of the IIIPlus.
Tons of map memory and very easy to use make it a great addition to my GPS family.
Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 14 2001,3:19 am
Quinnow with a mag, diversity is a good thing. I never had the opportunity to play with one, but it always appeared to me that they had the right idea when it came to antenna design. I would guess that it goes without saying that it gets better sat. reception than anything in the eTrex line, huh. I've been considering the V, but I don't think it would improve my caching abilities any more than what I have now. But one can never have too many tech toys,eh.
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