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Topic: External antenna
started by: Gimpy

Posted by Gimpy on May 15 2002,3:42 am
Got a fantastic external antenna for my Garmin V, III Plus. Very similar to the Garmin ga27c that I use on my MAP76, only with a right angle BNC connector & 16 ft. cable. Advertised 27-33 db gain with a low 7 ma power consumption. This thing works great. Heading down the thruway at 70 mph., averaged an estimated 16 to 18 ft. position accuracy with 6/8 satellites pegged. That's with waas turned off. Really a nice unit. Got it on eBay, from gpsgeek, with a winning bid of $30.25. I believe that's less than 1/2 what I paid for the ga27c. If you're looking for an external for a gps with BNC connector, check this one out. :grinnin
Posted by Hinge Thunder on May 15 2002,8:46 am
Quote (Gimpy @ May 15 2002,05:42 am)
This thing works great. Heading down the thruway at 70 mph., averaged an estimated 16 to 18 ft. position accuracy

Gimpy, were you speeding?  :nono

Posted by mrmom on June 09 2002,9:46 pm

Have you tried side by side or swap and swap trials under heavy tree cover?  Can you gage any improvements in those circumstances?  I am considering an amplified antenna.  I love the shade under the trees.  The gpsr favors the sun.  PS Have you ever taken apart a non powered Garmin antenna?  It's a flex circuit board with just tracings.  When wound up, the tracings form three spirals.
Posted by DxChallenged on June 10 2002,1:48 am
Mr. Mom.....

Just read your post rather quickly.....thought you wrote that you took your garmin GPS aide for never feeling lost..........

I remember a time before I had mine.  Fearless would say "just go with your intincts.....Always go the opposite of the way you think" with the aide of my GPS I get it right the first time and am less fearful of driving alone.......

Before the kids would just "sense" that I was lost and go into quiet prayers mode........"Please let us get home tonight."


The antenna sounds great though and perhaps it would come in very handy for your more challengeing caches.....hmm and it would boost my "not lost" power....sounds kinda like a super hero thing....................
Posted by mrmom on June 10 2002,8:20 pm

Sometimes when I,m lost a little PTL works.  Inquiring minds must know... yes, it's been apart.

PS Your posts on the finds left me with a smile. :)   Thanks for visiting.
Posted by Hinge Thunder on June 11 2002,6:31 am
It might not be that hard to make your own external antenna. Sounds like the patch antenna more or less a long wire laid out on a flexible circuit board. Maybe mount a jack on the unit that ties into the patch antenna, and run an external wire. Anyone know what the physical differences between a patch antenna, and the quadrifilar antenna used on the magellans? Maybe you could make a quadrifilar antenna for the etrex?
Posted by DxChallenged on June 11 2002,4:14 pm

patch antenna
quadifiller antenna......

Is that a bandaide antenna
and an antenna with 4 "stuffed full of" things?

Fearless has a movie tv surround sound with a receiver and a woofer...maybe a tweeter....makes the walls shake....

I don't totally get that either.......

But then I was the one who was humoring him when he wanted a GPS.... :grinnin

Posted by Hinge Thunder on June 11 2002,8:42 pm
Quote (DxChallenged @ June 11 2002,6:14 pm)
But then I was the one who was humoring him when he wanted a GPS.... :grinnin

What the heck would you do with one of those? It will probably just cost alot of money, then sit in the back of the closet gathering dust!  :^^
Posted by DxChallenged on June 12 2002,12:30 am
And now for my 100th post ....

I thought that the GPS was another......."he with the most toys wins" :o kinda thing........but I buy way more than he ever could (jewlery....feed the fabric stash....ect) so just did it............

As an aside......we put a bid on a house yesterday that adjoins the park we put our cache in......Just the best yard and a tree that is easily 250 years and probably 3-4 arms lenghts around....(Oh Yeah the house is really great too)...waiting to get the bid excepted.....but looks REAL good......I'm gonna hug that tree as soon as we hear!

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