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Topic: Locked up
started by: The Duke

Posted by The Duke on Mar. 03 2002,7:39 am
I have a 330x and while using it the other day it locked up. I push every button and nothing would happen. áSo I waited about 20 min and still nothing happened. áSo I took the batteries out and reinstalled them. So now I get nothing but a blank screen. áCan someone help me, what do I do now. :0o
Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 03 2002,8:11 am
Sorry to here about the problems you are having with your 330. :(

What were you doing when the unit locked up?
When this happens pressing and holding both the
"Goto" + "Esc" buttons and then pressing "Power" should have turned the unit off.

If by your description you are saying you get nothing at all, not even a flicker on the screen when you press the power button this is not good.
Working in tech support I have often seen people in a panic overlook the obvious (hell I have done it myself before). So with that in mind, I have to ask... Have you checked to see that in your panic you did not put the batteries back in incorrectly? Have you tried a fresh set? If you have it, have you tried the external power cord?

If in all these cases you still get not even a flicker when the unit is powered on, I'm afraid it may need service. Perhaps you could check to be sure by < Asking Tech Support >

Sorry I couldn't be over more help.
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 03 2002,8:31 am
press Mark/Goto, EXC and Enter
buttons all at the same time that  should clear it. then power up with power

If this does not work do what PC Medic mentioned and call tech support. If you bought your unit within the year this is not a big deal other than being a pain in the butt for down time. I say this because I just sent my 330 in about 3 weeks ago and they had a new one back in my hands within a week of that time. Most likely they will not Fix your unit as they come from a different country. You will most likely just get a new one to replace the one you have.
But try what I mentioned first and then we can go from there.
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