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started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Dec. 11 2001,5:55 am
I recently shipped my brother a package from a local post office here in Rochester, NY. It was sent priority mail and I was told it would take three days for him to get it in Virginia Beach, VA. Well stupid me didn't have this package insured due to never having a problem before, but now it seems that the package is either lost of quarentined (did I spell that right?) somewhere near Washington DC. It has now been over a week since I shipped it out and I am beginning to get worried about it. The package was worth several hundred dollars. Let this be a warning to you all that either shipping or expecting a package, make sure it is insured and that you get a tracking number from the retailer or post office. Has anyone else had problems like this before?
Posted by Road Kill on Dec. 11 2001,3:17 pm
I suggest that if you're shipping a GPS and you want to insure that it won't get lost - just leave it on.  This is also a great idea for a postal hitch hiker cache. When the brother at the other end gets it he can see where it's been.  :wstupid:
Posted by Guest on Dec. 11 2001,3:41 pm
:wstupid: :wstupid: :wstupid: :wstupid: :wstupid: :wstupid:

I agree Insure it ! :thumbsup:

It arrived today :D
Now I think we need to beat up a postal worker for putting another sticker over the top of the one that said "Priority Mail" and then stamping Standard Mail all over the box !!
No wonder it took over a week to arrive!

Posted by barrington on Dec. 11 2001,8:04 pm
I've shipped quite a bit of stuff I've sold on eBay, and usually buy Delivery Confirmation for an extra half a buck, lets you track the package on the USPS website, and (I think) it produces a little more attention to the package in transit.  I insure the more valuable stuff, have had only one claim in three years (for damage), and wow, did they give a hard time about it!  Give somebody a uniform and they can get really officious.   The extra cost for insurance is probably better than taking a chance on a couple hundred dollar loss.
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