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started by: jfitzpat

Posted by jfitzpat on Nov. 24 2001,7:17 pm
Hello all:

I confess that I am a hiker and a rock climber, not a Geocaching enthusiast.  After an epic it's-dark-and-foggy-and-we're-kinda-lost end to a day trip, I and several of my climbing and hiking buddies bought GPS units.

We all wound up with different makes and models, so we created a little web based tool so that we could exchange waypoints easily.  Recently, someone suggested that we make the tool public, so we setup:

< >

The Waypoint Exchange lets you retrieve waypoints from your Magellan or Garmin GPS, preview them on a map, and then email them to friends.  Currently, the exchange only works with Internet Explorer and Windows based PCs, but we will be adding Netscape and Mac support.

You can also use the same web based tool to publish waypoints as links on a website.  See < > for details.

The tool is in beta (ie, we only know it works with our units (eTrex, eTrex Vista, eTrex Legend, and Magellan GPS 315)).  But our goal is to make it as open and compatible as possible.

The site's target audience will be climbers and hikers, but you are welcome to use it.  It is non-commercial/non-profit.  Feel free to write me if you have comments or questions.

Posted by YardBoy on Nov. 25 2001,10:39 am
Welcome to

Thanks for the look at your Web-based tool.  I stopped short of letting it install "eGPS Waypoint Tool" software on my machine until I research its author (and your sponser),, eTree Inc.

Your website looks like it might develope into something interesting with a database of exciting waypoints & pix.  When it comes to finding that next unusual spot, I hope you'll try NaviCache's Search feature (State/Zip) or Buxley's Maps.  
Posted by jfitzpat on Nov. 26 2001,9:55 am
By all means, check us out.  We've been around awhile (FWIW, we're not a dot-com company, our name predates the IBM e-biz ad campaign).

Since accessing the GPS requires use of the comm port, we couldn't use just straight Java or Javascript.  Originally, we used a small app (similar to EasyGPS), but found a web page more convenient.  The Buxley's Maps thing seems neat, but I have to fiddle to actually get the .loc file downloaded - probably my Browser, 5.0 sp2 at work, 5.5 sp1 at home.

We already have some good stuff for the database, it is just a matter of finding time from our day jobs to put it up.

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