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Topic: Idiot-proof GPS
started by: Harrkev

Posted by Harrkev on Mar. 25 2002,2:46 pm
I would like to get a GPS for my mother-in-law (maybe one that explodes when used :grinnin . Don't tell my wife).

My mother-in-law is confused by a televion remote control.  She is planning a trip to another part of the country, and will be doing some hiking in the woods.  She once went hiking, and took the wrong trail back to her car.  She wound up on the other side of the mountain and had to hitch-hike back to her car :withstupid.

After hearing this story, I thought that she could use a GPS.  The problem is that I would rather drink draino that try to even explain how to use my yellow eTrex. ???

What I would like is a unit with two buttons.  The first would be "Power" and the second would be "I parked my car here."  It does't even need to be able to store more than one waypoint (car).  All the unit needs are tracks.  I don't think that this exists.  Does anybody have any suggestions for what unit I should be looking at???  I would even be happy to get a 5-year-old unit off of eBay.

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 25 2002,5:41 pm
You may have to go the route of explaining the Etrex to her, I think that the Etrex line is pretty much the easiest of the units to learn how to use. Believe me, I was in the same boat, My mother_In_Law which I won't mention her name (Caron) was the same way,even with a GPS she could get lost...but she ended up coming home everytime :angry:
After a few times using it she has become quite the pro at Caching as well as navigating with it.

Snif-snif...if all Mother-In-Laws get a GPS we will see life change as we know it. :(
Posted by dgridley on Mar. 25 2002,10:40 pm
Snif-snif...if all Mother-In-Laws get a GPS we will see life change as we know it. :(

I think getting married did that...
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