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Topic: The Perfect Geocaching Unit.
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 16 2002,8:36 pm
This thread was started quite a while back, and now it seems that there are quite a few GPSR's that are closing in on all the features that one person would ever ask for. We have seen the Meridian line cross the path with it's great reception and tons of added memory, not to mention the great new Garmin V (5). I think within the next year due to the big increase demand for recreational GPSr's that you will see additions we only dreamed of less than a year ago.
When I first started the Vista was the hot thing to own, now with the Meridian platinum making it's mark on the public with all the same features that the vista had plus the much larger view screen and the option to dump more memory into it than most people have in their computers. This unit is one of the top demands in the GPS world. If they would have just offered a fully external antenna on this toy or even a port to add one, this would have been the frosting on the cake.
So where do you think we will be at this time next year as far as features?
Posted by YardBoy on Mar. 17 2002,1:39 am
Audio?  With all the memory, perhaps we'll listen while we navigate.  Cell phone feature would provide convenience & safety.

Cam?  Again, a good use for RAM, take a few pix of one's travels.

Beam me up, Scotty!
Posted by GOT GPS? on Dec. 27 2002,6:13 am
Thats whats needed, is a Digital Camera/ GPS combo.
It would record the Lat,Lon, Altitude, and Date on each
Picture taken. :)
Posted by Quinn on Dec. 29 2002,6:53 am
Actually there are programs you can buy that will do that. What it does is time matches both the clock on your GPS with that in the camera. When you have both turned on and running you take a picture where ever you wish. You then return to your computer and upload the data from your gps along with the images from your camera. The software takes the times that you took the picture and matches it with where you were at that moment based on the time from your camera and created a map and places your picture on top of it.

Kodak also has a camera that places coordinates on each picture when taken. :)
Posted by tossedsalad on Mar. 17 2007,9:12 pm
Interesting thread, even if it is a bit old.  I have a Meridian Gold and have been frustrated by the slowness of the map as well as the size of the screen.  In addition, there are some things it won't do that I would like... for example, I can control the amount of detail to be displayed in terms of roads and other features, but I can't control the display of water!  So at a wide zoom it shows every little brook and I can't see much else.  That makes it hard to find the roads sometimes.  I also don't care for the dim monochrome display.  There must be better inexpensive displays out there.  

There are a lot of features I would like to add and the only way I will get what I want is to use an open source GPS unit.  I have given this some thought and I think it is practical.  There are lots of open source software projects and even some open source hardware projects.  Theoretically this could be a software only project, but there may be a place for some hardware design.

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