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started by: PC Medic

Posted by Guest on Oct. 28 2001,5:42 pm
I know some of you own more than one so you'll have to make a choice here. What I am looking for is which is your favorite?, and why?

I know this is a duplicate poll from the Home page but, wanted to move them here to the forums as it allows for feedback if needed.

Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 28 2001,6:46 pm
All 3 of my units are Garmins, so I'm biased toward them. I will check out a Magellan one of these days, but the Garmins do the job for me. The eTrex Vista is a handy little unit, but because of the patch antenna, I don't use it for caching. Size is great to carry around in your pocket, but tree cover does a number on sat. reception. Thats been my experience, anyway. waas is handy, but not something I think is necessary for caching purposes. Electronic compass is handy, but I would never depend on a compass running off batteries. Altimiter is handy, but runs off barometric pressure, which I don't care for. 24 mb. of memory is nice, but I do fine with less.   MAP76 is a very nice unit, with a nice large viewable screen area. The option of adding an external antenna, something the Vista lacks, is a big plus. 8mb of memory has been plenty enough for me. Hunt & fish  &  sun & moon tables are neat, but I rarely use them. Has waas, but I usually don't even pay attention as to whether or not I've got it activated. I've tested the 2 waas units up against my III Plus, in a wide open area, & the EPE is never any better than maybe 4 ft. Not enough to make the difference between finding a cache or not finding it. I've got the RAM mount for the MAP76 in the cache-mobile, and because of the large display, I have no problem monitoring it from my normal driving position. The only complaint I have with the MAP, is when caching, it always seems to lag behind in its positioning. I could get to a cache, & the MAP would show I'm off by 40 ft., but after it sits for maybe 5-10 minutes, it will show I'm within maybe 6 ft. Happens almost every time. Now onto my favorite, & the least expensive of the 3. The III Plus was my first unit, & after picking up 2 more units, with more bells & whistles, it's still my most dependable unit. All in the antenna design. It's never failed to keep a satellite lock in the woods, and has a large display screen also. No waas, but I don't care. The elevation readings have been plenty accurate enough for me. 4 batteries, instead of the 2 in the Vista & the MAP, make for long intervals between changing batteries. 1.4 mb. of memory isn't much, but I've got topo's loaded in it for all 70 or so caches in my immediate area. When I head up to the mountains or elsewhere, I throw in the Mapsource cd & load topo's for where I'm going. The bottom line is, I know I can count on the info the III Plus is giving me, under about any adverse conditions. That's what I want when I go out on a hunt. The new Garmin V, is built on the same design as the III Plus, so I think if I were to invest in another unit, that would be the one. It has all the bells & whistles as the other higher priced units, but has the antenna design & takes 4 batteries. It also has great road navigation capabilities. Sorry you asked for my opinion? Once I get on this stuff, I just can't stop. I'll shut up now. :D . Just my opinion. See ya.
Posted by Ascension on Oct. 28 2001,10:08 pm
I can only vote off what I have, and that is a mag 315 and a Lowrance GM100.  The GM100 so far has been a great unit, very sensative and good under cover.  Today it placed me within 10' of all four caches I got.  I have never used a Garmin, but I wouldn't mind to!
Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 31 2001,12:11 am
Quinn. Any updates on your opinion of the maggy 330? Have you had a chance to get out with it much? Have you found out yet if the auto averaging feature is as much of a problem as other maggy owners have said?
Posted by Guest on Nov. 02 2001,8:30 pm
Quote from Gimpy, posted on Oct. 31 2001,02:11 am
Quinn. Any updates on your opinion of the maggy 330? Have you had a chance to get out with it much? Have you found out yet if the auto averaging feature is as much of a problem as other maggy owners have said?

Not sure about Quinn, but I love mine.

Though at first look I thought for sure the button placement would be cumbersome for one handed use, I have found it to to be much more comfortable and easier to use than my eTrex.

Have to look and see what averaging problem others are mentioning because I haven't seen an issue with it.

Posted by Ascension on Nov. 02 2001,9:31 pm
From what I know about the auto averaging issues, they are not a problem on the 330 or the Meridians.  The averaging feature breaks at .5 miles per hour, so I have been told.  On the 315 it is 2.5 miles per hour, so the problem is this:  if your walking around slowly looking for a cache, the receiver is still averaging all your new readings from some spot back on the trail.  I experienced this all the time and was constantly being mislead by the 315, enough so I replaced it.
Posted by Quinn on Nov. 02 2001,10:56 pm
Quote from Gimpy, posted on Oct. 31 2001,02:11 am
Quinn. Any updates on your opinion of the maggy 330? Have you had a chance to get out with it much? Have you found out yet if the auto averaging feature is as much of a problem as other maggy owners have said?

I haven't had enough time to really play with the averaging feature yet on the unit, however I do like the accuracy I have been getting with it. There is so mnay very positive things about the 330x that keep it ranked on top with the IIIPlus but I guess the only thing I really miss with this is the fact is does not offer the pointer that Garmin uses. Another thing that is a minus is the 10 hour battery life. Other than this the unit is a doozy and a keeper. It seems to grab the WAAS sats where the other Garmin map76 does not. I have been using the map 330x lately just so I can voice an honest opinion. I will get back to you all soon with my thoughts on this toy. :p
Posted by 300mag on Mar. 08 2002,3:19 pm
I love my lowrance unit . My global map 100 as great reception and lot's of feature's for a good  price. It is true that it uses a bit more batteries and isn't really shirt pocketable, but with a good set of nihm's you'll be ok for a good day of caching . :D
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 08 2002,4:05 pm
I have always wanted to check out the "Lowrance" line but have never had the chance. Maybe one will be my next toy :)

For those of you that don't know him, 300Mag is one of the original cachers from up north...welcome!
Posted by DxChallenged on Mar. 08 2002,6:53 pm
Garmin III+.  I bought this for my husband 2 years ago after researching a GPS on the web....Didn't really know what they were at that time just that he wanted one.  So that was what I ended up with.  Originally I just thought of it as a "guy toy".  But must say that it's been great.  

Today I did 3 caches on my own (ok with kids but they didn't do any of the GPS stuff).  OOOHHHHHH  YEAHHHH!!  I found each cache.  No wrong turns (heck I make wrong turns every day and go only 5-10 minutes from home). And...I made it back with no wrong turns.....What a GREAT  instrument a GPS is.

Posted by 300mag on Mar. 08 2002,8:07 pm
Thanks Quinn One of my buddies just bought the map 76. It is a VERY nice unit with all of my features .But he also paid 235$ more than mine. I forgot to mention the great accuraty of my lowrance and fast solid locks.Even inside my house. :p
Posted by CameraThyme on Mar. 10 2002,3:03 pm
I love the features of my Garmin eTrex Vista, it's portability and ability to interface with my lappy, but by far the more accurate GPS I've been seen with is Q.P.T.W.M.P.G.P. Garmin 2.  There is something about the "antenna" on that unit that pulls more accuracy then the internal one in the eTrex models.  Also, with the eTrex, the internal compass isn't always accurate.  It is favored while traversing cracks but in the wide open spaces, it bounces all over.  So, I give word up for the Garmin 2 and like units with the beefier antenna.
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