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Topic: An interesting new concept
started by: Gimpy

Posted by Gimpy on Sep. 14 2002,2:14 am
I carry my Sony Clie' pda loaded with cache info when I'm out. 128 mb. memory stick inserts right into the top of the unit. How cool would this be if it would turn the Clie' into a functioning gps as well. Can anybody de-cipher the info on it?
< >
Not that I need another unit, but what a set-up it could be. :grinnin
Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 14 2002,4:53 am
I had actualy read an article about this and the digital camera attachment no to long ago.
You can read more < here. >
The one major drawback I see is battery life.
Posted by Gimpy on Sep. 14 2002,9:15 am
Thanks for the link, PC. :grinnin . For sure, 50 min. till dead battery would be unacceptable. But just the concept kind of makes you wonder what technology is going to bring us in the coming years. Ya gotta love it. :D
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