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Topic: Built in GPS systems
started by: Morseman

Posted by Morseman on Mar. 12 2002,6:15 am
I have just picked up another hire car (instead of having a company car) which has the luxury of a built in GPS based navigation system.  "Great" I thought, until I realised that it would not let me enter Lat/Long details, only addresses/telephone numbers/pre-set points of interest.  ???

So, does anyone know of any tricks to get built in GPS units to accept lat/long entries?  Especially the ones fitted to Toyota cars for the European Market.

When I parked up in the company car park, which isn't recognised by the navigation system, as I think the map on the CD-Rom was made up before the building was finished, it showed the lat/long on the screen and I could save that as a waypoint.  I just cannot find a way to specify 'raw' lat/longs as waypoints for distant places.

Any ideas?
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