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Topic: One for the road
started by: Gimpy

Posted by Gimpy on Jan. 08 2002,9:55 am
Looking to pick up a good gpsr that I plan to use just for travel (and those dashpoints spread out all over Gods creation).I have the Metroguide USA with autorouting & it's a great mapping program, but eats up memory. To load the whole state of NY takes about 17 mb. Rockys got me just about sold on the Garmin Emap. The only thing I've got that will hold that much info is the Vista, & the screen is way to small to keep an eye on comfortably on long distance rides. The MAP76 has the right screen for this, but 8mb. of memory means every time I head to Syracuse, the mountains,PA. or wherever, I'd have to load a different set of maps. With the Emap, I can pick up whatever size memory card I need & load the maps & just keep them in there. Emap accepts the GA27c external antenna that I already have for the MAP76 & the pc interface cable that I've got for the Vista. And the screen size is comparable to the MAP76. Any thoughts or suggestions???
Posted by Quinn on Jan. 09 2002,2:57 pm
I am not one to force a new type of toy on someone set in his ways, and I also know the ones you already own. I myself love my Meridian Gold for several reasons, one being the large screen, the second being the receptive antenna and the third would be the fact that you can upgrade the amount of memory with a very simple chip plug-in. The downside for you would be that you would have to buy a new set of software for your mapping unless you went with a free ware program on the net. The Meridian Platinum is supposed to be the "Cats Azz" when it comes to a Geocaching Mega-toy, but this unit won't be easy to find until mid february. The Platinum has many of the same features as the Vista does including the compass. A great feature in extent to this would be the amount of memory right out of the box. I am a fan of both GPSR makers but this Meridian line is a tough one to pass on. Another thing I like is how Magellan made this unit tough, it can take a beating and keep you locked. the outside shell has a wrap-around rubber protection shield that absorbs shock quite well.
You know you want know you'll end up getting one, so why not just make that jump now! :grinnin
Posted by Choberiba on Jan. 09 2002,8:32 pm
I finally have my notebook working with my Venture.

I'm wondering if Gimpy couldn't pick up a cheap (used)notebook somewhere for the price of a new GPSR?

It's hard to beat that size screen for navigation, though my tiny eTrex works fine if I set the numbers to *JUMBO*.

The reason I'm thinking notebook is for the added value of storing waypoints and track logs. Even though I only nab a log every thirty seconds, it adds up after a while.

It would take a long-long time to gather enough of eith to fill a floppy, more or less a hard drive.
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