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Topic: Digital Camera
started by: Morseman

Posted by Morseman on Feb. 23 2003,1:48 am
I've taken the plunge, and bought a new digital camera.  It's a HP 850 - 4 Megapixels 8x optical and 7x digital zoom.

I remember someone mentioning a program that could interogate the files that are saved with the pictures, so that the time/date etc, that the camera saves with the images can be viewed and used.  Can anyone point me in the right direction of the program, or one that will do this for me, please?

Posted by Gimpy on Feb. 23 2003,5:46 am
Could it be here?< digicam software >
Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 23 2003,6:02 am
Not sure if the HP does, but IF your camera supports EXIF 2.2 then several software packages (also supporting the EXIF 2.2 standard) will do this. One that comes to mind is "Exifer" and can be downloaded free < HERE > .
Posted by Morseman on Feb. 24 2003,3:13 am
Thanks Gimpy and PC Medic.

Gimpy reminded me of the program that I was thinking about originally, but PC Medic has come up with another alternative.   :^:

Thanks - I'll have a play with both.
Posted by Volvo Man on Nov. 15 2003,2:38 pm
Windows XP will also tell you this in the properties if the folder is set as a picture album.

Ooops, just noticed how old this thread is, just ignore me, unless it's helpful that is.

Posted by MOCache on Nov. 18 2003,9:13 pm
What is the name of the original program that was mentioned in the earlier post? I believe there was a link to the software here at one point in the site's links section.

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