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started by: Gimpy

Posted by Gimpy on Dec. 29 2001,8:10 pm
OK, all you veteran techies. I've been considering picking up a PDA to take caching so I can leave all the paperwork at home. Got any suggestions for one thats suitable for this purpose? How much memory, options etc. :0o
Posted by Scout on Dec. 29 2001,9:01 pm
Get a Handspring Visor for $99 and load it with AvantGo.
Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 30 2001,12:38 pm
Magellan makes the GPS Companion for the Palm V series.
One thing to remember when using for something like caching however is that the Palm (nor the Companion) are water proof, so save them for those sunny day hunts.
Posted by Gimpy on Dec. 31 2001,4:39 am
Picked up the Handspring Visor Prism. Great unit & color display. Quite fast. blscearce has developed a fantastic app. that allows me to upload the 100 caches closest to my zip code directly to the Prism. He updates the info once a week, so all newly placed caches are included. Just throw the unit in its cradle, hit the sync button, and thru the usb port, it updates all the caches plus any other websites I have in Avantgo. First screen comes up with the cache listings.Tap on the cache ID # & it takes you to the cache info page which includes the original cache info & any updated info. Then if you choose to use the hint, you have to tap on "hint", & it takes you to the decrypted hint info. Knowing I'd probably be taking it into some adverse conditions, I paid an additional $60.00 for the 3 yr. maint. agreement. Anything goes wrong in 3 yrs., I take it back & they give me a new one. Not bad for $20.00/yr. I'll obviously still be checking out the cache page before heading out, but no more paper printouts into the woods. :^: Plus, if I get to a real nice area on a cache adventure, I can plop down on a log & read the latest news from or check the sports scores from :D
Posted by Caron on Jan. 01 2002,12:29 pm
where do you buy all these toys?
Posted by Gimpy on Jan. 01 2002,12:33 pm
Bought this one at Best Buy. :grinnin
Posted by Quinn on Jan. 06 2002,6:46 pm
< Buy > has this Prism for 260.00 which is a great deal. You pay no tax ordering from here and things get to you very quickly. I bought several items from this place in the past and not yet have I ever had a problem, I even bought my digital camera here and got it within a couple days. They offer several packages for this product ranging in price. If you were to buy the Prism, carry case, auto plug, and clear screen protectors as a package it would cost only 314.00 which is a great deal as well. I would stay away from local stores for the increase in price and tax alone. I can also say that this company backs it's products fully.

You can find this page here...

< Prism >

Posted by Gimpy on Jan. 07 2002,5:13 am
Checked out that option.If I'm on a cache hunt a year from now, drop it on a rock & break the glass screen, I can drive 10 minutes from my house & get a new one at no cost. won't do that for me. Brick & mortar certainly has it's down sides, but for some items, saving a few bucks is not the best way to go.
Posted by Choberiba on Jan. 09 2002,8:43 pm
After someone swiped my Vx, I replaced it with an m505.

My wallet is still over in the corner weeping it's little eyes out after the second $400 Palm purchase this year.

The color aspect of the Palm is over rated since most content is B&W. Plus the resolution is low enough to make photos appear grainy. Having the added MMC ability was the selling point for me, I like to fill them things up with whatever entertainment I can find.

I can sync it with some of the other cache sites, has anyone here figured out how to sync with Navicache?

I introduced blscearce to geocaching (through a usenet offshoot mailing list we're both on), it's my greatest contribution to society yet.
Posted by Rob on Mar. 11 2002,7:45 pm
Iíve been on the fence about this.  I had a Palm pro years ago but never found it useful. (Long Story) Now Iím considering one of the pocket pcís that will allow me to listen to Audible books as well as store cache info.  I think Iíve got a bit of homework to do before making this next purchase.
Posted by CameraThyme on Mar. 22 2002,9:22 pm
I'm enjoying the Palm 505, though the Palm 500 or other models more than likely do the same:  with Avantgo, lets me go out and grab the pages of local caches and just take it on the go.  Worked awesome for a recent trip from Eastern Washington back to the West Side.  Allowed for details and hints, too.  Environ friendly as I didn't have a need to print hard copies!!! -CT
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 23 2002,1:35 am
CameraThyme. Go here & check it out.
< >
Excellent interface with the palm. If you e-mail Brian, & he puts your zip code in(if it's not already there), it'll give you the closest 100 caches, cache co-ordinates, caches nearby those caches, cache description, difficulty rating, how many times the cache has been logged (successful & unsuccessful), last log date & a link to the hint if you need it. Really a great tool.

Posted by Rob on Mar. 30 2002,7:23 am
Quote (Gimpy @ Dec. 31 2001,03:39 am)
Picked up the Handspring Visor Prism. Great unit & color display. Quite fast.

Catherineís in LA for a week so with out a caching partner I decided to spend the next few days playing with my new toy. The Handspring Prism.  Had lots of trouble getting it loaded. It seems that my previous Palm Pilot had left registry remnants and wouldnít allow the new Handspring version to load. Finally found the answer buried on the Handspring sight but not without a lot of preliminary cussing. Yada Yada.

My first question. Have you found that the 8 megs is enough or have you upgraded that?  I was also wondering what expansion modules you might have tried out?

Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 30 2002,8:34 am
Hi Rob. I'm running a "Memplug" CF card adapter with a 64 mb. card in it. Works fantastic. Added a few programs from there huge selection of programs & managing files & prorams is a breeze. Right now I've got about 10 mb. of pictures on it. You can run up to 128 mb. card in it. I've purchased 3  128 mb. cards off e-bay so far at around $40.00 apiece. Great for the dig. cameras & the prizm.
Posted by Rob on Mar. 30 2002,11:45 am
CameraThyme. Go here & check it out.
< >
Excellent interface with the palm. If you e-mail Brian, & he puts your zip code in(if it's not already there), Really a great tool.

Man, I was just getting into this one and found this message on Brians site.

ok, I just visited the other site and see that this is old news, not for some (like me) . Don't get out much.
"Palmable Geocaching in danger
I've been having some problems getting data from It appears that the Powers That Be don't want me downloading information from the server, and have taken steps to cut me off.
I'm doing my best to get the information anyway, but to be honest I don't have a lot of time to spend doing this kind of cat-and-mouse thing, so unless I can come to an agreement with (they currently aren't returning my email), the service will probably go away.

Apologies. I'll try to keep you informed about what's happening. And please check your PDA after a sync before you try to rely on it in the field. One of these syncs, it's going to come back empty.

Brian "

Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 30 2002,12:22 pm
Yes, Rob. That message has been there for almost a month now. So far, still working fine though. ???
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