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Topic: icons and ratings
started by: grin n bearit

Posted by grin n bearit on Oct. 16 2003,10:30 pm
over at when I log a visit at a cache. I rate the cache 1-5 grins using green smiley face icons and explain my rating system in my profile. I was getting ready to log a visit for a cache here but noticed you don't offer icons to be posted in logs. I would like to see icons to be available for online logs. I also think a nice feature would be to rate how much you liked the cache when logging your visit. On the cache page it would show the total finder average rating.
Posted by PC Medic on Oct. 17 2003,4:49 am
Cache rating systems were discussed extensively some time ago. While a system is in place for cache owners to rate the terrain/difficulty level of their cache, and for finders to acquire points based off these ratings, their are no immediate plans for members to each have 'their own' rating system as outlined in their profile. How easy or hard, or how enjoyable a cache was can be expressed within the log entry.

As for adding a feature for finders to give a cache a 'Over-all rating as part of the log process, this can certainly be looked at.

Posted by grin n bearit on Oct. 19 2003,8:29 pm
how about being able to post emoticons :) in your online log like you can here in the forums.

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