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started by: Scout

Posted by Scout on July 20 2001,12:39 pm
I just submitted my first Find Report. The system worked great.

It's great the the cache owner can edit cache descriptions. I'd like to see the submitters of Find Reports have the ability to edit their reports, too.

Posted by Quinn on July 20 2001,3:08 pm
Not a bad idea scout. And I hope you realize how greatdul I am for all your feedback. i'll see what I can do about that funtion. Still so many I am trying to get to! :)
Posted by Scout on Aug. 03 2001,12:32 pm
I'd also like to see people who log finds have the ability to rate the cache. A simple 0-10 score would do. Let finders decide themselves what criteria to use.

Cache hiders can use the feedback to decide if their cache needs looking into. For example, a gradual dropoff in ratings might indicate "trinket depletion" (copyright 2001 by Scout ;-) and time for the cache hider to replenish it. On the other hand, a bunch of 10s might clue other geocachers in to a fabulous cache that they should add to the list of caches to hunt.

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Posted by Scout on Aug. 23 2001,5:53 pm
What order are "Find Reports" listed?

Check out <a href="">Distance Caching 101</a>. There are 3 reports. The original one is now listed in the middle of the 2nd and 3rd reports. It leads one to believe that the second finder was actually first. And because the report only lists a date and not a time, a reader can't even figure out the order it should have been.

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Posted by YardBoy on Aug. 23 2001,8:28 pm
For a given date, I believe they're listed top to bottom.
Posted by Quinn on Aug. 23 2001,8:33 pm
yes...for a given date it is top to bottom, But I will see if I can get it cleaned up a bit to be more direct. Thanks for pointing this out. ;)
Posted by Scout on Oct. 11 2001,3:45 pm
I just saw the announcement that cache hiders will now get notified when a "find" log entry is made. That's great.

Now, if I could just get more people to look for my caches. ;-) The only one with any log entries at all is <a href="">Distance Caching 101</a>, which isn't surprising since that one can be hunted by anyone, anywhere.

Posted by Scout on Oct. 16 2001,8:33 pm
Is there a way to send a private email to another geocacher who logs a find on one of my caches?

I can't find a way to see individual profiles, unless they happen to have posted in the forums. The geocacher I am interested in has not posted.

When I looked up his profile using the URL for my own profile as a template, I noticed this entry in his profile: "This Member has been removed by the board Admin." Under what conditions does that happen?

Posted by Quinn on Oct. 16 2001,8:38 pm
Scout...I see your problem. I am not sure why you get a notice like that but if you e-mail me the persons name I will give you his/her e-mail address to contact. I will also try to take care of the e-mail fact so that people that log a persons cache can be contacted as well. gimme a couple days for this and I'll get back to you on it.
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