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Topic: Another Feature Request - Initial Map Zoom
started by: lowracer

Posted by lowracer on Aug. 18 2003,7:44 am
Hi, another feature request for the cache page itself.  The map that is initially displayed for my cache page shows about a 2000 mile span, from Arizona to Mississippi.  

Two clicks of the 'next' button gives a more useful initial display, showing detail at the city level.

Don't most users come in to the cache page from a search of nearby caches or a zip code search or other known-location based search?  In this case they'd know that they were in the general vicinity of the south central USA, and so placing a map there that's already zoomed out to this whole region isn't as useful or convenient as starting at the city level.

Maybe a minor detail but see what you think.  This is something that is mildly annoying to me when I go to look at a list of nearby caches and every time to see where it is I have to click the next button twice to find out what city it's in and where within the city.

Thanks and keep up the good work!  
aka "lowracer"

Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 18 2003,12:30 pm
Now I honestly can not remember our original reasoning for the initial view being zoomed 'OUT', but it is certainly something we can revisit. Especially because I find it annoying myself  :grinnin
Posted by PC Medic on Nov. 27 2003,1:49 pm
This has been changed and the default map is now for the 'Local Region' vs the original layout which defaulted to a U.S. Regional map.
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