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Topic: Edit Pending Caches
started by: lowracer

Posted by lowracer on Aug. 19 2003,4:44 am
Would like the feature to submit a cache then go right back in and continue editing it.  Currently shows the red "cache is pending approval" text, and I'm locked out until it gets approved.  Usually not a big time delay there but still would be nice to be able to keep working on it while it's in the queue.

aka "lowracer"

Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 19 2003,4:51 am
All ready in the works (along with many other upgrades).
Posted by lowracer on Aug. 19 2003,12:02 pm
I  think I saw some of the upgrades just now on the search page.  Like the new green/gold color scheme (I'm not a fan of light blue and white) and the new logo banner at the top.  Good show, keep up the good work. :cool:
Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 19 2003,12:28 pm
Ummmm Thanks but.....
We have not upgraded the search page ????
Where are you seeing the Green/gold color scheme?

Posted by lowracer on Aug. 19 2003,12:49 pm
The search results come out in alternating green and some other color which I would call gold.:0

Posted by Scout on Aug. 19 2003,2:18 pm
Quote (lowracer @ Aug. 19 2003,1:49 pm)

I think you somehow resurrected the old search page. The current search page is at < >

Posted by lowracer on Aug. 19 2003,2:29 pm
OK let me see how I got there...  
Here's where I found that link:
< >  :0

Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 19 2003,4:12 pm
Now who could have forgotten to update that link??  :rolleyes
I must have been Quinn! Yeah thats it...Quinn did it!  :grinnin

It has now been fixed (sorry) and points to the correct page.

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