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started by: ae708

Posted by ae708 on Sep. 05 2004,5:44 pm
Today I saw a great looking GPS.. the Raymarine RC400 I think is the model. It has great resolution, a LARGE screen for a handheld but I can't find out if there are topo or street maps for the thing. It may only be for marine use. What a pity if this is so cuz it looks like I'd love to buy one. Does anyone have any experience with this unit?
Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 05 2004,6:25 pm
While I have no persoanl experience with this unit, its design and functions (including mapping and charts) are geared for nautical and not land use. Unfortunately not much use for geocaching.
Posted by ae708 on Sep. 06 2004,8:55 am
What a pity... man, I'd buy this unit in a flash if it had some land use software.
Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 06 2004,9:39 am
The large screen definitely would be a plus, but reception is also something to consider. Being designed for the open waters, I wonder how well its reception would be in tree cover or mountain areas?
Posted by ae708 on Sep. 06 2004,11:11 am
That's true. But it seems to me that they are missing a large segment of consumer sales by only targeting marine users. A little modification to the antenna, some mapping software and then a lot more sales for them.
Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 06 2004,12:59 pm
Ahh, but convincing Marketing of that may not be so easy.
I work in Customer Relations for a multi-billion dollar firm and our department passes such suggestions from customers on  almost daily. R&D can say 'Hey great idea, that would be easy, but If Marketing does not see the change (no matter how small) as useful to a large percentage of their 'targeted' market, it simply never happens.

This would also probably require firmware changes as even the menu system is geared to marine navigation. Probably be easier (and make me happy  :grinnin  ) if Magellan just came out with a large screen GPSr.

Posted by ae708 on Sep. 06 2004,1:51 pm
Sure... if Magellan came out with a gps with a screen like that I'd be happy too. What's your opinion of buying maybe an iPaq and using a gps add-on...DeLorme or some such... or the Garmin iQue. One could always use the large screen for navigating in the car,etc then use their handheld gps when they got out of the vehicle. Would be more handy than using a laptop in the car.
Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 06 2004,4:31 pm
Well if you got the money to spend I guess, but I prefer a single unit myself. If I were to buy a second unit for the car it would probably be the RoadMate.
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