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started by: cachekidds

Posted by cachekidds on Mar. 13 2004,6:44 pm
Does anybody know much about Lowrance iFinders?
I've heard some good things and I'm thinking about getting one.

Posted by schon on Mar. 19 2004,2:47 pm
I got an iFinder for Christmas this year.  It's a great little unit - there's a review of it on the < gpsnuts site >.  I can attest that it does a remarkable job of maintaining a lock, without sacrificing accuracy.

It comes with a ton of on-board memory (for waypoints and routes), and the fact that it can be upgraded via SD cards is great (my digital camera also uses SD cards.) Transferring routes/waypoints to and from computer can be a little clumsy, as the only way to do it is with the SD card (which means removing the batteries.) but it's a minor inconvenience.

Posted by cachekidds on Mar. 20 2004,3:28 pm
Thanks for the info, schon! I've got my eye on an iFinder pro plus right now. I hear that soon they will have some new ones called H2O.
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