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Topic: one day sale:Bushnell ONIX 350
started by: JJW

Posted by JJW on Feb. 05 2010,3:39 am
WOOT dot COM  has put another GPS unit up for a one day sale. 2/5/2010
1 Bushnell 363500 ONIX 350 Handheld Waterproof GPS w/Truview Georeference and 3.5" Color LCD
$69.99 plus $5.00 shipping
Here is some of woot's verbageon this sale:
Into The Woods:
“Look at you, with your fancy GPS-a-ma-bob!” you cackle. “Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned map, eh?”
I’ll tell you what happened to it, gramps. It disintegrated in the Spring thaw, still clutched in the dessicated hand of the hiker who died of exposure in December trying to figure out which way to turn it.

When it comes to outdoor gear, this brand of technophobia comes almost exclusively from comfortable indoor-enthusiast types who haven’t slept outside in decades, if ever. (We’re talking about overnights here. Accidentally dozing off in a lawn chair doesn’t count.)

Look, I’m all for the old-fashioned ways. I take a map with me almost every time I step off the paved parts of this world. What’s more, I know how to read it. I’ve usually even gone over it ahead of time. Good for me. Good for cartography. Good for printing on wood pulp.

But that doesn’t mean I have to look down my nose with disdain at new tools that come along. Particularly if they’re as sweet as Bushnell’s ONIX 350 GPS. It uses georeferenced satellite images, meaning that when I download a satellite photo to it, that photo is instantly georeferenced to the sat network for navigation. It adjusts for my heading and location and gives me an accurate picture of the terrain. It’s got a Wide Area Augmentation Systems (WAAS) enabled receiver, giving me accuracy up to just three meters 95% of the time. Plus it’s encased in rugged rubber armor like the latex-bondage-era Batman.

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